Everything We Know About Heartbreak Island Australia

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If we're being honest, our love of dating reality shows comes less from the overly-earnest pursuits of soulmates (I'm looking at you, Bachelor) and more from the titillating drama that inevitably hits.
From iconic wine throws to nude photo scandals, reality TV is nothing short of a spectacle. And there's a raunchy new show on the horizon that promises to deliver on all fronts — Heartbreak Island Australia. The Love Island-esque show has landed its first Australian edition, here's everything we know about it so far.

Where Is Heartbreak Island located?

Our New Zealand neighbours aired the first season of Heartbreak Island in 2018 and for its third season, the island will feature a cast of international contestants.
The series sees 16 "sexy singles" from New Zealand, Australia, the UK and the US enter a tropical Fijian island to battle it out for a cash prize and a chance to find love (though the title of the show leaves us pessimistic on that note).
Heartbreak Island sees contestants pairing up, facing challenges, and choosing to 'stay' or 'stray' from their partners — all in the hopes of avoiding elimination.

Who Is The Host?

Image supplied by Channel 7.
This season's new host is TV and radio star Clinton Randell. He's familiar with the reality TV circuit, having been the host of Masked Singer NZ and Dancing With The Stars NZ.
"I couldn’t wait to start shooting Heartbreak Island Australia, this time with our first-ever global cast. I cheered, laughed, teared up, stirred the pot, threw in a few twists, and made life-long friends. I can’t wait for viewers to see it," he said.

What Can We Expect From This Season Of Heartbreak Island?

"You can expect to see couples fall in love, while others never want to see each other again. Medics called into challenges, emotional goodbyes, heated eliminations, and some good-looking disrupters arriving late to the party," Randell says. In three words, he describes Heartbreak Island as, "FOMO-inducing drama".
You'll need a Gen Z dating dictionary on hand to navigate the 'love bombing', 'benching' and 'cushioning' the show promises.
While the show shares the same structures that exist in typical reality TV formats (challenges and eliminations), Heartbreak Island also has 'passion plays,' where players can choose to either stay with their current partner, 'stray' to someone else on the island, or 'play' to bring in a new contestant known as a 'disruptor'.

Who Is In The Cast?

There are 16 eager contestants joining Heartbreak Island this year — some of whom we've spotted in the recently released promo video. "What I find sexy in a man is no body hair, I want to feel like I'm with a dolphin," one contestant says. "If I could change one thing in the world, I'd probably add two inches to myself and I'm not talking about my height," says another.
Here's a list of everyone entering the sandy shores.
From Australia, we have bar managers, Amber Yee, 25, and "tall, bubbly blonde" Alexandra Carter, 22. Kacey Watson is a 23-year-old social media manager and personal trainer from Perth with ADHD and Foreign Accent Syndrome, and Tiarne Butler is a 28-year-old hair salon coordinator who describes herself as wholesome with a secret seductive side.
The Aussie men confirmed to take part are tradesman and gym junkie Jake Spinner, 26, and plumbing apprentice and "rat bag" Bailey Neate, 22.
From New Zealand, there's 20-year-old professional dancer "loyal and driven" Maiata Boxer, 25-year-old queer model and actress Ashleigh Williams, 24-year-old criminology student and preschool teacher Milly Forbes (who has the same IQ as Einstein), 21-year-old sexually-fluid sociology and performing arts student Manaaki Hoepo and 29-year-old singer-songwriter Mez Tekeste.
UK fellas Kieran Hickey, a 24-year-old postman and "cheeky chappy", and Max Batchelor, a 21-year-old professional soccer player, will also be joining. Alongside them will be US contestants Holly Barnes, a 20-year-old media manager and stylist, Shamar Sinegal, a 21-year-old chiropractic student and security guard, and Chris Burgoon, a 25-year-old real estate agent and Survivor fan.

Where Can I Watch Heartbreak Island Australia?

You'll be able to watch and stream Heartbreak Island Australia exclusively on 7plus from Thursday, August 4.

What Is The Prize?

The lucky winner will take home $100,000.
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