From ‘Pocketing’ To ‘Eclipsing’: The Modern Dating Terms To Know In 2022

Love is tough enough to navigate as it is, let alone when you throw in a pandemic. And with courtship mostly taking place online these days, there comes a host of terrifying new dating phenomena and ‘situationships’ that we’re only just beginning to wrap our heads around. 
But from the inevitable ‘cuffing’ to the ominous 'curving', to the more sinister ‘love-bombing’, the nuances of modern romance are not exactly common knowledge. So to make things a little easier on the bumpy road to love, we’ve put together a glossary of romantic (and very unromantic) terms that are worth keeping on your radar.  
Scroll through for a breakdown of 14 terms that you’re likely to come across in the minefield that is modern dating.
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