The Crucial Fact To Remember As MAFS’ Domenica And Jack Head Into Their Final Vows

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Jack Millar and Domenica Calarco on Married At First Sight
As she's weathered the drama throughout Married At First Sight this year, Domenica Calarco's rock has been her TV husband, Jack Millar. Whether through the wine smashing incident or the OnlyFans nude photo saga involving Olivia Frazer, Millar has shown the utmost loyalty to his wife, speaking up in her defence and listening to her without judgment.
They've appeared to be one of the strongest couples on the show in recent weeks. However last night we observed glimpses of uncertainty when Calarco admitted that she wasn't sure she saw a long-term future with Millar.
"Do you see longevity in this relationship?" Millar asked his wife at the dinner party when he was granted the chance to ask a free question during the 'honest box' segment.
After a long pause, Calarco admitted, "It's been hard to see longevity with you... if I'm thinking long term, listening to my heart but also in my head, I always had doubts."
Calarco's remark left many viewers stunned. Unsurprisingly, in a social media landscape where call-out culture is rampant, many fans immediately took sides and criticised Calarco for her apparent lack of gratitude towards Millar, who's seemingly done everything right so far (as, of course, he should).
Perhaps it's Millar's behaviour — which is a far cry from the toxic masculinity we so often witness on reality dating shows — that's driven viewers to jump to his defence.
But let's remember, having doubts about a relationship is normal. And this is a somewhat staged reality TV environment, where feeding producers and audiences what they want to hear in the hopes of a potential career as an influencer is commonplace. This makes Calarco's honesty all the more admirable.
Let's also remember that she and Millar met as strangers at the altar. They skipped all of the butterflies of a first date, got hitched at first sight and went straight to living together.
Yes, some would say it's relatively late in the game that Calarco is expressing her doubts, but choosing to ignore the relationship doubt altogether would be more problematic. Dr Elle Boag, a senior lecturer in Social Psychology at Birmingham City University, previously told Refinery29 that it's not the doubt that's necessarily the issue in a relationship, but how you tackle it from there.
 “All relationships go through ups and downs and it’s completely normal to feel anxious. The issue comes when people feel too fearful to confront their anxiety or question where it’s coming from.”
Yes, how Millar has conducted himself has been noble — and frankly how all men should naturally behave in a relationship. But Calarco speaking openly and expressing her doubts is a sign of healthy, open communication. Doing any less would do the entire experiment, not to mention Millar, a disservice.
The final vows on Married At First Sight air Monday, March 28 and Tuesday, March 29 at 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.
The remaining five couples are Domenica Calarco and Jack Millar, Olivia Frazer & Jackson Lonie, Tamara Djordjevic & Brent Vitiello, Selina Chhaur & Cody Bromley, and Ella Ding & Mitch Eynaud.
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