If You Have More Than One Ear Piercing, You Gotta See This

I’ve got six (unnatural) holes in my ears, and I’m not afraid to use 'em (that is, bejewel them with small studs and hoops). Admittedly, though, I wish I could get a bit more creative with the placement of my earrings — and the pieces themselves. It's just tough to know where to start. So, I went back to the place that punctured me to begin with: NY Adorned, our city’s go-to piercing and tattoo shop.

There, two pros served up some serious earring inspiration and gave me examples of what to pierce and with what. From simple piercings on the lobes to more involved hardware on the cartilage, their advice was super comprehensive. Not only did I get a diagram with official lingo for each ear part ("daith," anyone?), but I also went home with some custom-made sketches that you can bring on your next adventurous trip to the piercer — or the jewelry store.    
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Tragus, Daith, Helix? Who knew the piercing-ready parts of our ears had such cool, futuristic names?
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This simple silhouette replaces the traditional side-by-side earrings with one on top of the other.
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If you have three holes, try an earring that connects the upper two. If you're looking for an additional piercing, one on the inner ear is pretty unexpected.
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All kinds of hoops, studs, and dangly doodads make this otherwise standard sketch stand out.
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Now we're getting a bit more advanced. Opt for simple lobes and dress up the front helix and inner ear for a unique look.
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We like the idea of this spaced-out design for someone who's ready to get a bit more adventurous with the placement of their earrings.
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Now, we're getting advanced. Seven piercings in one ear, but — with simple gems like the ones from NY Adorned that come in gold, silver, or rose gold) — it's not overdone.
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Nine piercings, y'all! This all-over-the-ear look may not be for everyone, but we're fans. It's also cool to see studs on bottom, hoops on top.

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