Spice Up Your Space (& More!) With This Exclusive Discount Code

We love our mega-retailers and big-box stores as much as the next bargain chaser. But, sometimes it’s those hidden boutiques nestled far and away that really incite shopping glee. On the off chance you can't peruse the arrondissements at a moment's notice, check out Brika — a Canadian-based e-shop boasting a highly curated selection of decor, accessories, baby goods, and jewelry all handmade by up-and-coming crafters.
Founded by business-school grads Kena Paranjape (a former style blogger, it just so happens) and Jen Lee Koss (a Juilliard-trained cellist), the marketplace was meant to really break from the online shopping status quo. And, we'd say it sure has. Not only does Brika celebrate undiscovered talents, but it also allows the shopper to virtually connect with the artisans via bios, photos, and fun anecdotes woven into each product page. For example, Carrie Ng of The Made & Found says the best thing to do when seeking inspiration is to "eat chocolate, wander around, and meet friends." That's a creative philosophy we can get behind.
As if the shop doesn't sound sweet enough already, Brika is offering R29 readers an exclusive 20% off discount on the entire site using code REFINERY29. This event only lasts one week — until Tuesday, February 25 at 11:59 p.m. EST — so, you'd be wise to act fast. Once you create an account, you're free to shop all the wondrous wares and keep up as new “makers” are added.
Click through to peep the goods we’re adding to our carts, along with a bit on the artisan behind each piece. Or, check out Brika's fun handbook, 33 Habits Of Highly Creative People. Now, let's talk about those adorable bowls.
Photographed by Rossella Manzini.

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