31 Flawless Outfits To Copy This August

If there's any month even the most dedicated of New Yorkers begin to question their loyalty to the city they call home, it's August. It may be the last month of summer, but it's also the hottest, stickiest, least bearable time of year — it's a time when, if you don't have an air-conditioning unit, cooling face mist, and numerous opportunities to sport nothing but a bathing suit, well, you're screwed.

Okay, so you're not totally screwed, but you probably are super-sweaty and sick and tired of leaving your apartment for a city block thick with 100% humidity — and the immediate hair frizz and too-obvious wet marks on your clothing that inevitably follow. You're also probably wondering what to wear.

That's where this collection of looks comes in — it's filled with tons of style inspiration (in the form of jorts, jumpsuits, and lots of linen dresses). Remember: It may feel like it's too hot to wear clothes, but these 31 pieces (one for each day of the month) are guaranteed to cool you down.

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