25 Instagram-Approved Ways To Do Winter Layering

We don't need to remind you that it's pretty damn cold outside. But rather than looking despairingly at your wardrobe each morning and your lack of seasonally-appropriate clothing (hey, we've all been there), your winter outfits can (and should) incorporate your favorite summer pieces, reworked and worn together. The key is in the layering, whether it's a dress over sweater or two coats piled on top of each other in perfect harmony.

Now, when we say layering, we don't mean like that episode of Friends when Joey puts on every single piece of clothing Chandler owns. What we're talking about are practical layers (four, max) masterfully arranged to reveal a hint of each one without getting too bulky. And that is, if we're being honest, an art form. The stylish women ahead, though, make it look easy. Let their clever layering guide you towards seeing your closet in a whole new light. Here's to staying warm (but looking cool) all winter long.

Photo via @lizzyvdligt.
Because two coats are better than one. Track jackets and puffer coats are both in — and when worn together, well, the result is all that.
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Graphic logo tees are the gift that just keeps giving. Wear yours over a netted long-sleeve top and half-tucked into black skinny jeans. Just don't forget the choker.
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Turtlenecks are a winter wardrobe staple. For added snuggle, wear with a denim jacket and a fuzzy coat (pop of color not required, but definitely recommended).
Photo via @lucywilliams02.
If you were one of the lucky ones to get your hands on this patent coat from Alexa Chung's Marks & Spencer collection (or any other iteration of the look), let it stand out by pairing it with a simple ribbed sweater, cropped, frayed hem, light-wash jeans, and some chunky ankle boots.
Photo via @handinfire.
Dress up a hoodie by styling it with a stain bomber. Bonus points for matching shoes.
Photo via @sgundelach.
Or, wear it under a classic wool coat. Simple, but sharp; the definition of athluxury.
A fancy teddy coat with a laid-back sweatshirt may seem like an odd pairing. Here's proof they actually look pretty damn good together.
Photo via @tamumcpherson.
Winter whites and lots of layers. When a poncho isn't enough, always (always!) add a Sherpa coat on top. (A matching beanie doesn't hurt, either).
Photo via @sorayabakhtiar.
Rather than letting the collar of your white button-up show from underneath a crew-neck sweater, let the bottom do all the talking with a side-slit chunky knit.
Photo via @lindatol_.
To show off more of the button-up, use it as a base layer for a silk camisole. It adds extra dimension and balances out the two very different aesthetics.
Photo via @jan.quammie.
Socks: The no-fail way to take your cropped jeans and strappy sandals into winter. Just don't forget to bundle up extra on top.
Photo via @melissabech.
If you're not into puffer jackets but appreciate their warming qualities, why not hide it under an oversized tweed blazer? Let the sleeves of your sweatshirt peek out at the cuffs to give the outfit a modern twist.
Photo via @sharmadeanreid.
Remember that cut-off denim skirt you loved way back when? Time to bring it out of storage and incorporate it into your winter repertoire. A leather trench, extra-fluffy snood, and over-the-knee boots do just the trick.
Photo via @stryle_tz.
You can still wear that dress or skirt you love, even when it's freezing outside. If you're not into tights (because, let's be real, sometime they're just not warm enough), try layering yours over jeans or leggings.
Photo via @claartjerose.
Why not wear one sweater as an actual top, and another as an accessory?
Who ever said you can't wear horizontal and vertical stripes together? A pinstripe blazer with a Breton top coordinate in an unexpected way. We love the belted waist, too.
Photo via @stephaniebroek.
A lesson in how to wear your favorite slip from last summer, now: Layer it over a turtleneck and three-stripe flared track pants for a look that's warm and totally unique.
Photo via @theserenagoh.
Or, pair it with a ribbed knit of the same shade for a monochromatic look.
Photo via @julianasalazar.
A long-sleeved gray tee will change your wardrobe, trust us. We love how it looks paired with a strapless top.
Photo via @lottaliinalove.
Bella and Kendall are making sheer work for winter, so why can't you? Just don't forget to bundle up...
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