16 Insta-Approved Ways To Do Winter Layering

I don't need to remind you that it's bloody Baltic outside. But rather than looking despairingly at your wardrobe each morning and your lack of cold-weather clothes, your winter wear can and should incorporate your favourite summer pieces, reworked and worn together. It's all about layering, whether it's a dress over a jumper or a light coat piled on top of a puffer jacket and polo neck.
Now, when I say layering I don't mean like that episode of Friends when Joey puts on every item of clothing Chandler owns. I'm talking four layers, max, that are masterfully arranged to reveal a hint of each one without making you look like the Michelin Man.
Follow the lead of the stylish women ahead, whose clever layering will make you rethink your wardrobe and see your clothes in a whole new light.