30 Instagram-Worthy Beauty Looks To Try In June

December 14th, 2016 was a good day for Instagram users. Why? Because that was the day the app added a "Saved" section to every profile, instantly giving all of us the ability to secretly catalog any post.

For beauty lovers, this was big. Gone were the days of screenshotting a notable makeup look or palette to buy, only to lose it in the mess of photos in our camera roll. Now, if we spy something we love, we can simply click "save" and add it to our private vault of inspiration images.

That being said, there's no denying the fact that inspiration can be hard to find when you're inundated with hundreds — nay, thousands — of images daily. That's why we decided to share the photos we've archived in the past month. Hopefully, it'll get your creative juices flowing for the next. Ahead, check out 30 looks to try this June.

A cat eye is infinitely better when it's precisely smudged into a smoky eye hybrid. Follow makeup artist Georgi Sandev's lead and focus most of the charcoal shadow on the outer corners for an effortless look.
As good as Gen Z yellow looks in your closet, it looks even better on your lids.
Matching your hair to your makeup is the latest trick MUAs and celebs swear by — and actress Sofia Boutella's metallic eye is proof of its versatility. Top off the gilded look with a deep red lip and call it a day.
Ditch your full-coverage foundation for a radiant base, your matte lipstick for a peach gloss, and your regular liner for a rosy shadow. It's the new essential, one-and-done shade for a subtle smoky eye.
New summer wardrobe: bare skin, freckles, and a cherry-red lip stain.
Celebs like Zazie Beetz are leading the pack to make orange lipstick the raddest summer makeup trend.
Thanks to "color drenching" street-style choices — and makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes — we're officially convinced that unexpected shades of green, like mint, lime, and chartreuse, are the new millennial pink.
The only thing better than a beaming opalescent highlighter is Insta-worthy natural light to wear it in.
Even without the diamond jewelry, a post-vacation glow and brick-red lip still look like a million bucks.
Normally, we'd reserve our shiniest glitter for Coachella Valley — but model Leomie Anderson's cobalt liner proves that the trend can work even better outside of festival season when done right.
Ready to adopt Rihanna's summer beauty motto of more is more? Layer two shimmery blushes on top of each other for a cocktail of color.
Make your neon lipstick really shine by pairing the bold look with some light inner-corner strobing.
If you invest in anything this summer, make it a brow gel. Why? One sweep of the brush through unruly brow hairs refreshes any look in an instant.
Pati Dubroff may have created this monochromatic look for the Royal Wedding, but the flattering pink tones work for any other occasion.
Just because your makeup routine tends to go minimal as the temps get higher doesn't mean you have to ditch all the drama. Copy Vanessa Hudgens' look by offsetting your gothy lip with luminous rose gold everywhere else.
Makeup artist Ciarra Brewer makes the case for strong, feathered brows and a glossy lip any day.
Instead of using a holographic shadow, makeup artist Priscilla Ono went for a vibrant matte orange pigment tapped on the inner corners of model Tashi Rodriguez's eyes. Needless to say, it's extra in all the right ways.
The key to mixing bright shadows is to keep one bold pigment strictly on the lid and the other blended evenly through the crease. That way your colors stay true, not muddied.
It's hard to go wrong with a flattering peach shade on the eyes and the lips.
Whether you're hanging out on a rooftop or attending the Met Gala, this gilded eye gloss is a clear winner in Yara Shahidi's book.
Leave the lipstick at home if you're looking to experiment with a rich color on the eyes, like this sapphire shadow.
Or top off the whole look with a nude gloss.
Glitter eyeliner adds some flair to any look while the blotted lip keeps things casual.
Makeup artist Nam Vo makes a case to highlight, highlight, and then highlight some more. Contrast the shiny look with a buttery matte yellow on the lid and pretty cat-eye flick to finish it off.
Dramatically-draped blush — extending from your brow bone to the apples of your cheeks — is the best way to master a throwback trend that still works in 2018.
A touch of "melodramatic purple" on the eyes and nails enhances your summer glow.
Let this be proof that the upside-down liner trend lives on.
The only thing that could make this French-girl cut even cooler is the sunset-inspired eyeshadow lining the lower lashes.
Never worry about your smoky pigment melting in the heat ever again. Makeup artist Rocco Santamorena's pro hack: Swap out a liquid shadow for sequins and rhinestones.
Remix these two trends by matching your ombré lip to your floating crease for a fiery blend of color.
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