Kylie Jenner Always Does These 5 Things & No One Has Noticed

Today, Kylie Jenner turns 20. And in the time it took some of us to declare a college major and learn how to hard-boil an egg, Jenner has created a soon-to-be billion-dollar cosmetics brand. Some people just have all the family connections luck.

Long before launching her now-ubiquitous Lip Kits, Jenner was enmeshed in the beauty world, inspiring us with her neon hair and black lipstick. But she's not always experimenting with daring trends; in fact, there are five hair and makeup techniques she employs on the reg. In honor of the beauty mogul's birthday, we're breaking them down in the slides ahead.

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1. Clipping Out

It's no secret that Kylie Jenner loves a colorful wig. But the star's also a fan of using clip-ins to quickly change up her hairstyle for the day or night. Case in point: these short-lived blunt bangs.
Jenner doesn't just use clip-ins to fake fringe, she also reaches for them to add serious length to her hair.
2. Lash Hack

Jenner, like so many of us, has discovered the power of lash extensions. She's wearing a set in nearly every photo she posts (even no-makeup selfies).
Why are lash extensions so great? Because you don't have to wear a lick of mascara for as long as they last. But it's important to go to a reputable salon and a trusted technician to reduce your chances of infection, since adhering anything to your eyes increases sensitivity.
3. Squared Up

Long, solid-shade acrylics are a key part of Jenner's nail look. One thing you may not have noticed, though, is that she rarely experiments with different shapes. In fact, a quick scroll through her 'gram reveals that her nails are pretty much always squared off at the tips.
But unless you're a manicurist, copping this at home will be tricky — so think of her birthday as a good excuse to celebrate at your local nail salon.
4. Fade Away

Jenner has been sporting ombré brows (read: soft at the front, opaque through the arch and tail) for years. She walked her fans through the entire process when she posted her 18-step makeup routine to Snapchat last year.
The key is to use a pigmented brow pencil (Jenner uses this one) to fill in the arch and tail of your brows, then draw feathered, hair-like strokes at the start of your brow to create a diffused effect. Bonus points if you tap concealer around your arches to emphasize them even more.
5. In The Lines

If you look closely (like, very, very closely), you'll notice that in nearly every one of Jenner's eye looks, her shadow stops at the outer corner of her eye in a crisp, winged-out shape. This is a technique many makeup artists and influencers employ to create clean lines when extending eyeshadow into the crease and outer corner of the eye.
Place a piece of tape or a Shadow Shield onto the outer corner of your eye where you'd like your shadow to stop, then do your eye makeup like you normally would. When you're done, gently peel away the tape to reveal a sharp line.
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