The Fashion Insiders You Need To Follow On Snapchat

Update: This post was originally published in 2015.

Love it or hate it, Snapchat isn't going anywhere any time soon. And whether you're a late adopter that just downloaded it or a veteran at sending unflattering selfies to your best friends, the key to making the app a super-fun and informative resource is simple: follow the right people.

Unsurprisingly, Snapchat stories have become an unconventional (and immediate) way to stay up-to-date on fashion trends, industry happenings, major events and launches, and more. (I mean, have you checked out our Snapchat Discover channel?). With one little swipe, you're immediately exposed to the front row at Fashion Week, the headquarters of your favorite brands, and the very enviable closets (and lives) of stylists, editors, models, and celebrities.

And yet, Snapchat's undeniably clunky user experience makes it difficult to find people to follow outside of who's already in your phone's contacts. Because of the weird, hard-to-figure-out interface, even your most fashion-obsessed, social media-savvy friends still might not who to follow or how to follow them.

With that in mind, we've rounded up 15 fashion people who are doing Snapchat right. Open up your app, hold your camera to the users' unique codes ahead, and click! — your friend list just got a lot more stylish. Click on, follow away, and who knows, the next great Snap-portunity might just be at your fingertips.

Who: Arielle Charnas of Something Navy
Username: ariellecharnas
Need your daily dose of fashion blogger realness? Give Arielle a follow. She's become one of the biggest influencers of our time, and cameos from her adorable baby daughter Ruby are enough to make you watch every single snap.
Who: Taste The Style
Username: tastethestyle

For something a bit more off the beaten path, follow Taste The Style, a New York-based editorial website that seamlessly combines food and fashion. It won the Bloglovin' award this year for Best Lifestyle Blog, and it's always giving you a glimpse into the best style and eats, mixed in with regular interviews with every cool girl in town.
Who: Eva Chen
Username: theevachen212

We already know the former Lucky magazine EIC is the queen of Instagram, but she's vying for the crown on Snapchat, too. Her shoe game, close-up shots at fashion shows, beauty product reviews, adorable baby girl, and endless #EEEEATS make her story a must-follow.
Who: Leandra Medine
Username: man_repeller
Geniuinely funny people are the best kind to follow on Snapchat. Not only do the Man Repeller's snaps give a glimpse inside the life of an OG blogger, but Medine's freaking hilarious — wildly crazy outfits, awkward dance moves, and all.
Who: Tibi
Username: T.ibi
From fabric design to production, Tibi's Snapchat truly offers a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making a street-style favorite brand. And the line even has styling tips to offer — just the other day, it showed users how to wear a sweater as a scarf.
Who: Bella Hadid
Username: babybels777
Bella's sister Gigi is definitely having her moment in the spotlight, but on Snapchat, the younger Hadid is the pro. Between hilarious photos of her famous friends (Hi, Jenner sisters!) and a behind-the-scenes look at photo shoots, her snaps are sure to make you giggle — and provide a lesser-seen side of big-name models and celebs.
Who: Everlane
Username: everlane

It's only expected that a brand so built on transparency has an awesome social media platform. Everlane uses its stories to announce launches and exclusives, give customers a look at awesome parties and events, and even shows them how to make a T-shirt. Oh, and the brand does interactive talks with its followers. We're into that.
Who: Shiona Turini
Username: Shionat
Former market director of Cosmopolitan, Shiona Turini still has her hands in the fashion industry. Follow along with her snaps to get a peek inside high-end brand showrooms and exclusive parties. Oh, and a good dose of food porn, too, in what she's calling #fatfall.
Who: Irene Kim
Username: Ireneisgood

If you want access to all the best fashion shows and events around the world, model and blogger Irene Kim is your girl. The Chanel show in Paris? Check. The Balmain x H&M party in Seoul? It's like we were there. Plus, we can't get enough of her rainbow-colored locks and adorable outfits — talk about inspiration for days.
Who: Laurel Pantin
Username: lapantin
One fashionable funny girl to add to your friends on Snapchat is Laurel Pantin — because you'll want to be friends with her IRL after watching her stories. Her travels around the world, shenanigans with friends, and often hilariously self-deprecating humor will keep you coming back for more.
Who: Pixie Market
Username: pixiemarket

We love getting a sneak peek at Pixie Market's photo shoots on its Snap stories, complete with killer clothes and adorable models. If you see something you like, simply send a chat on the app. Pixie Market is more than happy to respond and let you know when it will be available online. Talk about a win-win.
Who: Jamie Beck
Username: annstreetstudio

Photographer Jamie Beck is always working on beautiful and exciting projects, whether exploring Coco Chanel's apartment or shooting brands like Marchesa and Triumph Lingerie. You'll get glimpses into all that and more on her story, plus gorgeous, scenic shots of New York City.
Who: Rihanna
Username: rihanna
Dancing to Bieber's "Where R U Now" in the backseat of the car. Getting dressed for the Dior Spring 2016 show. Wine tasting in Chile. These are just a few of the things you'll see on Rihanna's Snapchat, which is mostly run by the friends that hang out with her. You won't be able to get enough of seeing the star uncensored and unfiltered — and yes, her outfits are always next-level.
Who: Taylor Marie Hill
Username: taylor_hill

Taylor Marie Hill is a young Victoria's Secret model you should be watching if you're not already — on Snapchat, that is. And unsurprisingly, the life of this model doesn't look too bad. Watch her stories to see her off-duty shenanigans and plenty of cute selfies.
Who: Chiara Ferragni
Username: chiaraferragni
It's pretty impressive how many times blogger Chiara Ferragni can change her entire outfit in one day. Expect plenty of shoe and sunglasses porn, international travel, and appearances by her adorable pup. You'll get sucked in quick, we promise.
Who: BryanBoy
Username: bryanboy
On Snapchat, BryanBoy's life is pretty much as glamorous as it looks on Instagram — but with even more of a sense of humor. Think: selfies of Bryan wearing SK-II face masks on his first-class flights and front-row access to fashion shows and parties.
Who: Soo Joo Park
Username: soojoomoojoo
It's our guilty pleasure to have a look into the real life of a top fashion model. The world travels, castings, and backstage moments make her stories feel like the real, modern-day version of ANTM.
Who: The Reformation
Username: reformation
If you think The Reformation's site photography is as dreamy as we do, follow the brand on Snapchat for all the behind-the-scenes eye candy. Not only does the line bring users into the factory where its perfectly sexy dresses and vintage-inspired duds are made, but tons of French bulldogs make appearances.
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