Looking For A Sexy Couples’ Halloween Costume? We’ve Got You Covered

Halloween costumes are a blast when you're solo (who doesn't love a punny costume, or a reason to play with makeup?) But when you're partnered up, choosing a Halloween costume isn't just fun...it can be super hot. After all, Halloween is basically all about role play right? And if you choose your costume right, it could basically be like you and your partner are having foreplay the whole time you're at your BFF's Halloween bash.

Ahead, we've rounded up some sexy couple costume ideas that you can readily shop online at places like Amazon, Yandy, Walmart, and Lovehoney. But if you're pretty handy with a glue gun, feel free to go the DIY route and use these looks to get your creative juices flowing.


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The Cowardly Lion and Dorothy

Sure, it can be weird to think of characters from a favorite childhood movie as "sexy," but it can be done.

How to make it happen:

For the cowardly lion: You'll need brown pants and shoes, a golden shirt, and a fluffy mane.

For Dorothy: You'll need a short, blue gingham dress, red shoes, and pigtails (bonus points if you can bring your dog).
Yandy Men's King of the Jungle Costume$47.95 Buy
Jessica and Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit isn't exactly sexy, but Jessica Rabbit sure as hell is. The busty cartoon singer famously sparked countless sexual awakenings.

How to make it happen:

For Jessica: You'll need a sexy red dress with a slit up the side, a bright red wig, a pair of red heels, and a pair of long, purple gloves.

For Roger: You'll need a pair of red overalls (wear them shirtless for a sexier look), some orange gloves, and a set of white bunny ears.
Yandy Sexy Starlet Costume$53.95 Buy
Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley

With all the pent up sexual tension they had through books 3 to 7, Hermione and Ron are the perfect Harry Potter couple to emulate for your sexy Halloween costume.

How to make it happen:

For Hermione: You'll need a short, sexy red plaid skirt (bonus points if it has gold in it, too), a gray sweater (crop top version is great) or white button up, a red and gold tie, and a black cape/cloak.

For Ron: You'll need a white button up (leave it open if you want, for extra sexy Ron-ness), black or gray pants, a red and gold tie, and a black cape/cloak. Bonus if you have natural red hair.
Yandy Spellbinding School Girl Costume$44.95 Buy
The Joker and Harley Quinn

A wickedly hot couple if you ever did see one.

How to make it happen:

For The Joker: You'll need a clown-like suit (one that zips or unbuttons is best, to show a little chest hair or cleavage), and a green wig or temporary hair dye.

For Harley Quinn: You'll need pink and blue pigtails, a red jacket, red and white shirt (bonus if it says "Daddy's 'Lil Monster"), and red or blue swim-bottoms/underwear.
Yandy Men's Super Villain Costume$49.95 Buy
Tinkerbell and Peter Pan

Remember how jealous Tink got when Wendy came to Neverland? She was clearly pining for Peter Pan, and that kind of romantic frustration definitely makes this duo worthy of sexy Halloween role-play.

How to make it happen:

For Tinkerbell: You'll need a short, bright green dress, an up-do, and a set of fairy wings.

For Peter Pan: You'll need green leggings, a green tunic, and a pointy green hat.
Yandy Pretty Pixie Costume$39.95 Buy
Baywatch babes

There's a reason Baywatch is still iconic — because hot people in bright red swimsuits running in slow-mo down the beach will never not be sexy.

How to make it happen:

You'll need two red swimsuits and two lifegaurd-esque whistles to place around your necks.
Yandy CPR Sweetie Costume$39.95 Buy
Rey and Kylo Ren

Everyone could feel the sexual tension between Rey and Kylo Ren during Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and now, you can bring that sexual tension into the real world.

How to make it happen:

For Rey: You'll need grey leggings (or shorts if you want to show more skin), a cream-colored shirt, length of flowey grey fabric to wrap around your back and chest, a brown belt, brown boots, and a long, brown stick.

For Kylo Ren: You'll need a black shirt, black pants, black cape, and a fake scar for your cheek.
Yandy Galaxy Rebel Costume$49.95 Buy
Sexy cacti

Cause what's not sexy about plants?

How to make it happen:

You'll need, a short green dress or green pants and shirt combo, and a white fabric pen to draw on the needles.
Yandy Prickly Pear Costume$69.95 Buy
Sexy skeletons

This costume is fantastic, purely for the "boneing" jokes alone.

How to make it happen:

You'll need any skin-tight skeleton dress, legging + crop top combo, or body suit.
Yandy Bare Bones Babe Costume$49.95 Buy
Maverick and Charlie

If we were to make a list of iconic movie couples, Maverick and Charlie from Top Gun would be at the top (pun intended).

How to make it happen:

For Maverick: You'll need an Army-green body suit (bonus if it zips down to show chest hair or cleavage), and Top Gun-esque patches.

For Charlie: You'll need a bomber jacket, high-waisted jeans (or shorts if you want to show more skin), a white shirt, and Farrah Fawcett hair.
Yandy Men's Top Gun Flight Suit$69.95 Buy

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