Channel Your Inner Unicorn With These Holographic Makeup Looks

What do galaxy freckles, face stamps, and holographic makeup have in common? They're trends we never asked for — but love all the same. Take the latter, for example. Sure, three dimensional sheen on the eyes, lips, and cheekbones may not be the most wearable of makeup techniques, but the iterations we've seen from professional and aspiring makeup artists online are nothing short of mesmerizing. Naturally, we had to round them up.

Over the past few weeks, we've been taking full advantage of Instagram's new save feature to catalog our favorite examples of the trend. We're talking metallic swirls on the lips, super-iridescent pops of color on the eyes, and so much more — all of which we can totally see ourselves wearing on a night out.

Ahead, we've gathered the best holographic beauty Instagrams that will make you want to channel your inner unicorn.

This holographic look borrows from two popular Instagram trends: Drippy lipstick and unicorn-inspired color palettes. (Tip: This was created with Sigma's Lip Switch Lip Glosses.)
The easiest way to wear 3D color? On your nails.
This dreamy holographic eye look was created with Stila's new Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow.
Tired of your typical Champagne or golden highlighters? Reach for Milk's violet-tinged option instead.
Makeup artist Erik Soto layered shades from Kat Von D's new Alchemist Palette over black lipstick to create this rad effect.
Holographic glitter freckles might be our favorite (and cutest!) way to wear the trend.
Makeup artist Anne Sophie Costa also makes a great case for pairing 3D colors with super-glossy lids.
Spice up your go-to lipsticks with an iridescent lipstick topper, like this one from Lime Crime.
Want to try your hand at the trend but don't feel like splashing out for a product you may never wear again? If you have lip gloss and iridescent eyeshadow, you can recreate this subtle holographic look in just a few minutes.
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