These Beauty Stamps Are Made For Your Next Night Out

Photo Courtesy of Milk Makeup
Like most 5-year-olds, I hated going to the doctor. Poking, prodding, shots, freezing-cold stethoscopes? Yeah, I'll pass. The only thing that made it semi-worthwhile was getting to choose from a collection of stamps for a temporary wrist tattoo at the end of my visit. Fast-forward 17 years. Stamps still excite me. The only difference? Now, I decorate my face and nails with them. I've been using Milk Makeup's Tattoo Stamp and Caption's Nail Art Screens for a month now — and I'm hooked. If you're into crafty beauty experiments, you will be, too.
Milk's Tattoo Stamp, which contains the same formula as the brand's long-lasting Eye Marker, makes it really easy to fashion a beauty mark anywhere. I personally like stamping it above my upper lip à la Marilyn Monroe, but as you can see on the model above, it looks amazing right under your eye. It's the simplest way to create an edgy vibe with the least amount of effort. I like to wear it with a bit of mascara and a swipe of lipstick.
If you want the easiest nail art of your life, call on Caption's Art Screens. Before you start stamping, make sure you apply a coat of polish. Let it dry, then reach for the nail art screen and stamp. Take another shade of polish and use it to paint a coat over your desired pattern on the screen. Then, using the card that comes in the package, scrape the layer of polish off the screen to reveal the pattern underneath. Pick up your stamp and push it into the pattern. Then, stamp it over your nail in a rolling motion. Repeat on every nail — or just a few — and finish with a layer of topcoat to seal your work. Sure, beauty stamps aren't an essential part of my beauty routine, but they sure as hell make it a lot more fun. Have you tried any? Tell us in the comments, below. Milk Makeup Tattoo Stamp, $12, available at Milk Makeup; Caption Art Screens, $29.95, available at Dermstore.

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