It’s Time To Give Your Vagina The TLC It Deserves

Often times, we give away all our love — to friends, family, romantic partners — and forget to leave some for ourselves. But in the spirit of self-care, it’s high time we give ourselves the love we deserve. And when it comes to loving ourselves, that means all of us — vaginas included. Sure, an at-home mani on a Sunday night is nice, but let’s take things a step further by spending a few minutes of our day ensuring the well-being of our most sensitive area.

In partnership with Vagisil, we’re bringing you six ways to help with the overall health and happiness of your vagina. Ahead, the kind of self-love you and your vagina deserve.

Illustrated by Cachetejack.
Wear Cotton Underwear

Just like the other parts of our bodies, our vaginas need to be able to breathe. The best way to let that happen? Opt for cotton underwear when possible. Cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics and won't trap in moisture or cause discomfort like other materials. A comfortable fit also reduces friction and the possibility for itchiness. Our go-to? A classic Calvin Klein brief.
Illustrated by Cachetejack.
Experiment With Different Masturbation Techniques

Masturbation is an easy way to keep your vagina both happy and healthy. Studies suggest that masturbation can ease stress, reduce menstrual cramps, and improve sexual satisfaction. Adding toys into your play can add an extra layer of excitement, but the most important thing is to stay in tune with what your body wants. Try playing around with different positions and techniques until you find what's right for you. Relax, and don’t worry about reaching an orgasm (that's just an added bonus).
Illustrated by Cachetejack.
Soothe Vaginal Dryness

There's no reason to let vaginal dryness get you down. Enter: Vagisil ProHydrate Moisturizing Lubricant. The gynecologist-tested gel packs hyaluronic acid to instantly combat any signs of dryness. Plus, the product can be used right before sex.
Illustrated by Cachetejack.
Get An Exterior Vagina Facial

All vaginas are prone to an occasional ingrown hair. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to combat them, including a vagina facial. But before you grab cucumber slices, know that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill spa treatment. The intended purpose is to clean the outside region of the bikini area and remove any ingrown hairs that could cause potential infection. If you’re unable to find a vagina facial where you live, opt for an ingrown hair serum to prevent future bumps. The most important thing is to refrain from self-operating by picking and prodding at ingrown hairs.
Illustrated by Cachetejack.
Do Kegel Exercises

Whether it was a friendly acquaintance at a bachelorette party or your best friend in college, you've probably heard someone talking about Kegel exercises at one point or another. The practice involves tightening and releasing the pelvic walls while breathing deeply. And you don't have to don your sneakers and head to the gym for these exercises. You can practice them anytime, anywhere. There are even toys, dubbed Ben Wa balls or Kegel balls, that can help do them for you. The result: a strengthened pelvic floor that can increase penetrative sexual satisfaction and muscle control.
Illustrated by Cachetejack.
Have Safer Sex

Having safer sex is a major key to maintaining a healthy vagina long-term — especially when it comes to family planning, HIV, and STDs/STIs. To practice safer sex, consider using condoms, getting an IUD, taking a hormonal birth control, or choosing another method that might work best for your body and situation. Some of these methods (male condoms, female condoms, and dental dams) cut down on the likelihood of contracting HIV and STDs/STIs. You can heighten your experience even more with ribbed or flavored varieties (if you're going the flavored route, just make sure you're not allergic first). If you’re unsure what is best for you, talk with your doctor before making a decision.
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