10 Glitter Makeup Looks That Will Light Up Your Halloween Party

There's no tried-and-true recipe for the perfect Halloween beauty look, but glitter is the secret ingredient you can't go wrong with. Come October 31, you can put the sparkly stuff wherever you please — but we prefer to focus on our makeup (because the thought of shampooing out all those metallic flecks at the end of the night makes us cringe... and wigs exist).

You can add a sheer shimmery shadow to your lids for a subdued look that's ideal for a subtle office flex, or pack pigment all over your cheekbones to really make a statement. Ahead, we rounded up a few easy ways to finally utilize all the glitter you've been hoarding for your costume parties all year.

You don't have to coat your face with glitter to make a statement. Allan Avendaño created this captivating holographic look on Joey King using silver eyeshadow, which you can easily replicate.
Speaking of silver shadow, you'll need a lot of it if you're gonna recreate this look. Instead of focusing shimmer on your lids only, extend it out along your cheekbones to create a firework effect.
Like Shayla, you can focus metallic sequins over a neutral shadow base for a festive look that can still be worn to a formal dinner before the real fun begins.
Leave your basic black cat-eye at home (at least for the night) and use glitter pigment on top of a metallic liner for Halloween.
Or pat some gunmetal shadow on top of your black eyeliner to make it really stand out.
Extend flecks of glitter from your eyelids to temples to create a galaxy effect on your face.
Glitter isn't limited to just the eyes: You can carefully dust loose pigments along your nose and cheekbones to make your makeup extra dramatic.
Copy Lucy Hale's glittery lip by dusting loose shimmer powder over a bold lipstick of your choice.
If you forgot your concealer at home, use glitter along your lower lashline to create a futuristic look similar to Jackie Aina's.
Utilize all of your lid space to show off your favorite chunky glitter paste (like the pots from Lemonhead LA). Keep the rest of your makeup fairly muted if you really want your eye makeup to steal the show.
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