We Dig This NYC Dim Sum

Dim sum, small-plate fare served on wheeled carts, is great for groups. The options are endless and big on flavor: We're talking pan-fried dumplings with edible and snap-worthy faces, savory pork buns, and steamed pigs' feet (just to name a few).

Are you ready to head out to the nearest spot? Check out some of the top dim sum restaurants that NYC has to offer — and get to pouring that soy sauce for dunking!

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Dim Sum VIP
This new dim sum spot in lower Manhattan's Chinatown is dishing out pricing dumplings than nearby shops — but with savory creations like pork-shrimp stuffed dumplings and rice noodle rolls, it's well worth the dollar or two extra for flavor alone.

Dim Sum VIP, 68 Mott Street (between Canal and Bayard Street); 212-226-6889.
Photo: Via @redeggnyc.
Red Egg
Contemporary dim sum in Manhattan's Little Italy, Red Egg is deliciously unexpected. With authentic yet innovative dishes, this swanky spot throws a few Cantonese cuisine curve balls. A must taste? The taro cilantro dumplings.

Red Egg, 202 Centre Street (at Hester Street); 212-966-1123.
Photo: Via @luckypeach.
Má Pêche
David Chang's Má Pêche serves up American-Asian fusion in this sleek midtown locale (i.e. beneath the Chambers Hotel). A hit spot for the unexpected in NYC dim sum dining — think smoked trout dip, beef cheek dumplings, fried oyster buns, and much more.

Má Pêche, 15 W. 56th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues); 212-757-5878.
Photo: Via @hungrynyc.
Buddha Bodai
A dim sum restaurant dedicated solely to vegetarian fare?! Yes, it does exist. Tucked onto a corner in Manhattan's Chinatown, Buddha Bodai boasts some pretty delectable meat-free eats. Order up the triple mushroom pan-fried noodles or the vegetarian "shrimp" dumplings — Bodai even offers a savory sesame "chicken" dish. Safe to say that all the classic dim sum bases are covered.

Buddha Bodai, 5 Mott Street (at Worth Street); 212-566-8388.
Photo: Via @yukoart.
Dim Sum Go Go
Dim Sum Go Go gives us an actionable reason to go go with a menu that offers up more than 24 different types of dumplings. With non-cart service, this hot spot offers their delicious buns at super low prices. So hurry in for you next bite (or 24), and make sure to arrive early and beat the rush — we wouldn't want you waiting to try all these tasty options.

Dim Sum Go Go, 5 East Broadway (between Catherine and Oliver Street); 212- 732-0797.
Photo: Via @alyssa.lenore
Ping not only offers up killer dim sum, but also the freshest of seafood catches (seriously, they reel in your orders from the fish tanks up front). A highly-trafficked and must-visit lunch spot, so be sure to budget a little wait time — and enjoy.

Ping, 22 Mott Street (between Bayard and Worth Street); 212-602-9988.
Photo: Via @ilovesambal.
Redfarm is another one of NYC's non-traditional dim sums that we just can't get enough of. With locations in the West Village and UWS, this spot is a trendy brunch and dinner destination. Although on the pricier side, the casual Cantonese dining atmosphere is a memorable experience that won't disappoint hungry groups.

RedFarm, Multiple locations in Manhattan.
Photo: Via @thesweetlifeoflina.
Jade Asian
Jade Asian in Flushing is quite the relaxing and aesthetically pleasing dim sum experience. They've more than perfected their fresh Cantonese dishes, with out-of-this-world shrimp and snow pea dumplings. So stop by for a downright delicious meal on any occasion.

Jade Asian, 136-28 39th Avenue (between Main and Union Street); 718- 762-8821.
Photo: Via @rendiohead.
East Harbor Seafood Palace
Packed with authentic eats and an extensive menu, East Harbor Seafood is the place for quality dim sum in BK. Lines are always out-the-door and the environment is bustling — a.k.a. this spot is a bonafide brunch destination.

East Harbor Seafood Palace, 714 65th Street (between 7th and 8th Avenue); 718- 765-0098.
Photo: Via @yurina_ko.
Joy Luck Palace
Located in the heart of Chinatown, Joy Luck Palace is the place to go if you’re craving some festive dim sum. Known for its Porky Pig-esque buns, this new restaurant will have you buzzing over its nearly-too-cute-to-eat bites and fabulous prices.

Joy Luck Palace, 98 Mott Street (between Hester and Walker streets); 212-219-2828.
Photo Via: @jingfongny
Jing Fong
If you're in the mood for something more upscale, then Jing Fong Restaurant is your spot. Situated in Chinatown, this is a traditional dining experience — perfect for birthdays and special-occasion gatherings.

Jing Fong, 20 Elizabeth Street (between Canal and Bayard streets); 212-964-5256.
Photo: Via @melissa_hom.
Bamboo Garden
Insanely good food for insanely low prices? Not possible in NYC? Think again, because Bamboo Garden’s dim sum is. Located in Sunset Park, this Brooklyn eatery is the newest addition to BK’s very own Chinatown. With marble walls draped in golden adornments, this spot screams tradition. It's perfect for groups looking to ball on a budget.

Bamboo Garden, 6409 Eighth Avenue (between 64th and 65th streets); 718-238-1122.
Photo: Via @yurina_ko.
Golden Unicorn Restaurant
This is an OG of NYC’s Cantonese-style restaurants. Golden Unicorn has maintained its golden title rights through the classic decor, engaging service, and delectable dim sum dishes.

Golden Unicorn Restaurant, 18 E. Broadway (between Division and E. Broadway); 212- 941-0911.
Photo: Via @nomwahteaparlor.
Nom Wah Tea Parlor
Nom Wah Tea Parlor is not your average dim sum spot — and that’s exactly why we love it. You're seated at high-top tables covered in red and white cloth, and orders are taken down on a checklist and brought out in succession. Simple, straightforward, and fast (no wheeling carts here). Perfect for casual dining with friends or lunch with coworkers.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor, 13 Doyers Street (between Pell Street and Bowery); 212-962-6047.
Photo: Via @luckyricedotcom.
A foggy London Town native, this restaurant thankfully decided to hop the pond with its amazing dim sum — making us New Yorkers feel #blessed. An upscale spot, Hakkasan is a great place to go for a pricier night out.

Hakkasan, 311 W. 43rd Street (between Eighth and Ninth avenues); 212-776-1818.
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