13 Must-Have Ingredients To Help You Break Up With Takeout

The sense of freedom that comes from having a fully stocked, fully loaded kitchen is supremely underrated. Much like driving with a topped-off tank of gas or folding your clothes immediately after they come out of the dryer, having your culinary necessities at the ready makes you feel like you can tackle anything. The plastic chow mein containers piling up in your apartment, however, suggest it may be time to reevaluate how you shop for groceries.
Once you stock up on a few long-lasting must-haves (think: olive oil, cans of beans, and condiments), you actually only need to trek to the store once each week — a goal pretty much all of us can meet. By loading your cart with eggs, Hidden Valley® Greek Yogurt Ranch, potatoes, and the other 10 multi-use buys ahead, you make it easy for yourself to whip up quick meals that won’t trigger the I-should-have-just-ordered-in blues.
Cooking at home for a whole week? You’ve got this on lock — delivery demons be damned.

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