The Dumpling Recipe I Learned From My Mom & My Ex

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Refinery29's My Kitchen Sink is an exploration of our most meaningful recipes — the go-to dishes that we turn to time and again. Not only do we enjoy eating them, and have the the assembly mastered, but they also have an important personal history. Step into our kitchens to relive these stories, learn the recipes, and make them with us.
Today, we're making dumplings. Refinery29's Senior Editor of Content Strategy (and dumpling assembly master), Jess Chou, is teaching us the secrets of making ground pork dumplings (with homemade dough) from scratch. How exactly has she perfected this savory favorite? "It's easier than people think it is," Jess says. It's a recipe that has grown with her over time and boils down to a mixture of childhood memories and romantic influences. She learned the folding technique from her mom, borrowed the dough recipe from a cookbook, and picked up the filling from her former high school sweetheart. "He taught me to make dumplings in college — we would fold them on his twin bed with a [portable] desk," she says.
After recent date-night attempt that got a little too messy, Jess mostly sticks to making these dumplings with a close group of friends or solo. And since making them is a something of a project, she suggests storing a fresh batch in the freezer for future snacking: "I can make them very quickly by just boiling some water and popping in three, four, or however many I want."
Click ahead to watch Jess as she shows us just how easy making this recipe can be — and why a dumpling assembly line is definitely something to consider for your next dinner party.

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