How One Woman Is Getting Selfies With Her Favorite Celebs

Ever wanted a selfie with Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, or Rihanna? Well, you’re not alone. The pursuit of the coveted celebrity selfie has resulted in some pretty unfortunate interactions between stars and their fans. But one woman is proving that you don’t have to stalk or bombard your favorite stars to get selfies with them. All you need is the creativity (and time) to design your very own celeb-featured selfies.

Snapchat artist Cyrene Quiamco, also known as CyreneQ, dreamed of having a collection of selfies with the people she admired the most, and wasn’t about to give up because it was an unlikely reality. “I knew it would be difficult to actually take a selfie with every celebrity I wanted to; some weren't even alive anymore,” she told us over email. “With the help of Snapchat magic, I decided to make it happen!”

Cyrene gravitated to Snapchat because of its built-in drawing tools and instant shareability. Her selfie series has resulted in quite a bit of notice on Snapchat and Instagram, and eventually led to her meeting some of the celebrities IRL.

Ahead, we’ve collected some of the best from her collection. You can find her new selfies every week on her Snapchat channel, CyreneQ. Find her Snapcode in the slides ahead.

Photo: Courtesy of Cyrene Quiamco
Kevin Jonas

“Who didn't have a crush on the Jonas Brothers growing up? I remember putting their music on repeat. It's almost surreal now that I've taken a real selfie, worked with, and become friends with Kevin Jonas.”
Photo: Courtesy of Cyrene Quiamco
Ariana Grande

“She's loaded with musical talent. I think she can sing the phone book and make it sound amazing (do people still know what phone books are?).”
Bruno Mars

“My Filipino pride and support goes to Bruno Mars because he's part Filipino and I am, too. And of course, he's a super talented musician.”
Wendy Williams

“How you doin'? As an admirer of celebrities, I also enjoy celebrity gossips and news. I love her ‘real’ opinion approach to the news — it's funny.”
Photo: Courtesy of Cyrene Quiamco
Katy Perry

“Her 'Firework' song was my motivation song. And I would dance to that song in the Just Dance game on the Wii over and over.”
Photo: Courtesy of Cyrene Quiamco
Marilyn Monroe

“When I was little, I used to think putting a fake beauty mark dot on my face would make me look fabulous and become a star like her.”
Photo: Courtesy of Cyrene Quiamco
Ryan Seacrest

“I admire that he not only became the iconic American Idol host, but he took that opportunity and built an empire beyond American Idol.”
Photo: Courtesy of Cyrene Quiamco
Ellen Degeneres

“Ellen was the first selfie that started the series. I grew up watching the Ellen show, and she's kept me laughing and smiling until now!”
Photo: Courtesy of Cyrene Quiamco
Pope Francis

“I really admire him because he's the most open-minded Pope. He's also known to take selfies with people.”
Count Olaf

“My sister got me to love the Unfortunate Events series. I loved the movie and the new Netflix version. Count Olaf, a character that I love to hate.”
Photo: Courtesy of Cyrene Quiamco
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