Stop Everything, Rihanna Is Already Wearing Fenty Makeup

Update April 24, 2017: If you've been dying to know what the first product out of Rihanna's new Fenty makeup line would be, it looks like you might have your official first clue. In an Instagram video posted by @rihstore, a fan asked Rihanna what highlighter she was wearing to which the singer coyly responded, "It's mine." Cue the entire crowd (and us) cheering. Can it just be September already?

It's a secret! Fenty Beauty is coming in September! ? #FentyBeauty

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Update April 14, 2016: WWD has confirmed that a Rihanna makeup line is officially coming! The singer has inked a deal with LVMH, the company behind Kat Von D and Marc Jacobs Beauty, to release a product line called Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. (That's the same name RiRi all but confirmed to us in the interview below.) LVMH's products are almost always sold at Sephora, so we're speculating that Fenty Beauty will be available there as well. The line is set to launch by fall 2017.
This story was originally published on August 31, 2015.
If you're dreaming of a Rihanna beauty line, you're going to get your wish — and soon.
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In an interview for Rihanna's new fragrance, RiRi, we asked her about Fenty Beauty, a trademark the pop star quietly registered for last year. Could it be that she's actually putting together a cosmetics line?
"Oh wow, that's crazy, how did you know that?" she asked. "That is definitely something I am going to have my hands on and would love to do. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, but I’ve always had so much on my hands. But, this time, I’m going to make sure it happens. I'm going to find some time between albums and fragrance to do that. I promise."
Cue. The. Freakouts. Knowing Rihanna is a beauty lover, we asked her what fantasy makeup products she'd love to invent.
"There are a lot!" says Rihanna. "Lashes that could just put themselves on...lipstick that doesn’t move, but doesn’t dry your lips out, that you don’t need a liner for. I mean, it sounds so unreal."
And so does a Rihanna beauty line, but there you have it. The details of the line are still swirling up there in her head somewhere — along with cotton-candy gowns, bold brows, her next tattoo, and a couple dozen lyrics. We can't wait to see what magical products she comes up with — and when it happens, she won't even have to ask. You can have all our money, Rihanna.
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