5 Happy Crystals That Ward Off Negative Energy

In my opinion, people love crystals for two main reasons: (1) because they look pretty on a windowsill and/or (2) because they add something to their wellness routine. Maybe they keep a hunk of selenite by their bed for sweeter dreams. Or a kunzite in their purse for self-love. Or a piece of quartz on hand to help them meditate.

There's also a whole class of crystals that are meant to offer up protection — from bad spirits, negative energy from others, downer thoughts. And even if you're not a full believer in the rocks' powers, they can be a way to set an intention, a visual reminder that you are trying to think or speak more positively. Plus, they double as decor.


We asked Sterling Bowen, an astrologer from Sanctuary, to name the crystals that will help keep you and your thoughts calm, uplifted, and positive. Swipe through for his top picks.


"Amber is like if the Sun were your bodyguard," Bowen says. The warm crystal is like carrying a beam of light around with you, clearing away sadness.
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Blue Calcite

"Blue Calcite helps keep anxiety at bay," says Bowen. "The watery blue stone also keeps you checked-in with [your] deep well of inspiration."
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Black Tourmaline

Bowen calls Black Tourmaline a "powerful blocker of negativity from all directions."
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"This fierce and fiery warrior stone acts as a conduit for your own passion and power," says Bowen. When your confidence is built up, you're able to let negative energies roll off your back more easily.
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"Amethyst is a beautiful ally for emotional protection," Bowen says. The best place to put it? Next to your bed or around your neck — that way, its calming powers will wash over you.
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