The Best Thing You Can Do With Your Crystals (Besides Gaze At Them Lovingly)

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Crystals are everywhere — they're on our desks, in our perfumes, even in our freaking water bottles. But they don't have to just sit around and look pretty. Any crystal healer will tell you that these stones can act as powerful accessories to your meditation practice, if not a reason to start meditating in the first place.
While everyone's approach to meditation is slightly different, many find it useful to have a specific space or set of objects that they can refer to when they want to quiet their thoughts and reflect. If your mind tends to wander when you meditate, having a physical item to hold or focus on during your practice may help you feel more grounded.
When your item of choice is a crystal, that sense of grounding can be even more powerful. It all depends on the type of stone you choose and the intention you imbue in it. Ahead, we spoke with meditation instructor Kelsey Patel about how anyone can integrate crystals into their regular meditation practice.
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illustrated by Tristan Offit.
Choose the right stone.

There isn't one crystal that's better fit for meditation than others. Each variety offers its own unique set of benefits and influences — which one you choose depends on what you want to get out of your meditation. "I love rose quartz for a softening and nurturing meditation," Patel says, adding that her go-to stone for a releasing and restorative meditation is another classic, clear quartz. Many popular types of crystals (including the quartz family) are versatile enough to be used for general meditation, too, so you don't have to have a highly specific intention in mind when you settle in to relax. But, if you do have something in particular on your mind, there's almost definitely a crystal that will reflect that point of focus, from protection to prosperity.
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illustrated by Tristan Offit.
Physically connect with the crystal.

According to Patel, crystals "like attention," meaning even a little bit of physical contact with your stone before you start meditating can imbue it with your intention (you can even say a little prayer or mantra to it, if you want). Once you're settled in and ready to begin, Patel says you can hold your crystal in your hands, rest your feet on it, or even lay down and place it somewhere on your body (for example, you could place a heart-opening crystal on your chest). If you'd rather not touch your crystal, that's fine, too, she says. You can use it as a point to focus on or place it next to your favorite plant, candle, or other soothing object. Maintaining a physical connection with your crystal simply "helps you and the crystal connect on a deeper level," Patel explains.
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Find a schedule that works for you.

Patel says there's no need to time your meditations or to do them every day: "Do what you feel called to and what feels right and best for you." She adds that some people only need a few minutes of crystal meditation to feel their stone's effects — this is especially true when working with a particularly powerful stone or one with very specific properties. But, you may find that you like to sit with your crystal for much longer. That's absolutely fine, too, Patel says.
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Make your practice personal.

From the stone you choose to how long you spend with it to what you hope to gain from meditating in the first place, every choice you make should be based on making yourself feel comfortable and more relaxed. And Patel repeatedly clarifies that there's no "wrong" choice when it comes to crystal meditation. Don't be afraid to test out different types of stones or to experiment using several crystals at once. With an open mind and a willingness to be playful with your practice, you'll find what suits you.

Finally if you give it a try and find that crystal meditation isn't really your thing, don't stress. "Even if you don’t meditate with your crystals, don’t worry," Patel says. "They are still working and doing their thing."

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