Here's The Deal With Those Crystal Water Bottles That Are All Over Instagram

Fruit infused water is so not high vibe. Nowadays, you're more likely to see your favorite Insta influencer sipping on water that has a healing crystal soaking in it — a.k.a. a crystal elixir. For people well-versed in using crystals, this is hardly a new thing. But water bottles with stones already secured inside of them are making this spiritual process more accessible and (thanks, in part, to Goop) Instagram trendy.
If you've spent your life drinking plain old water, you might wonder why you'd ever want to have a rock sitting at the bottom of your water bottle. You might be especially curious when you find out that many of these bottles can cost around $100 (yes, really). While some crystal enthusiasts might simply be in it for the 'gram, the intent behind crystal elixirs is usually to imbue the water with the specific crystal's energy.
Crystals are believed to promote anything from health to success to love, so the idea is to keep one in a space that you interact with so that you can benefit from its good vibes. Crystal elixirs are essentially a delivery service for a crystal's energy and can be useful if you don't have a good place to keep your stone. If, say, a crystal associated with mental clarity was placed in a bottle of water, the water would take on that stone's focusing properties. So, if you drank this elixir on your way to work, you could theoretically clear your mental fog.
(To be clear: While certain crystals are believed to promote health, there is zero scientific evidence that this is true. Crystal elixirs may be good for some people's minds, but they're not a substitute for medical care.)

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Before you decide to buy a crystal-infused water bottle or DIY your own crystal elixir, make sure the stone you choose is safe to put in water, writes Bri Luna, founder of The Hoodwitch. You'll want to steer clear of any crystals that fall apart in water (like selenite), and you definitely don't want to use any stones that may contain lead or corrosive chemicals (like pyrite and wulfenite). If you want to be safe, stick with stones that won't erode or emit traces of poison when added to water. Quartz and amethyst are great picks to start with, according to certified crystal master Hibiscus Moon's blog.
The question is: Do you need a fancy water bottle to make crystal elixirs part of your spiritual routine? No. You can reap the same benefits by simply keeping a crystal in your pocket, or even clipping it to your bra. But hey, there's no shame in splurging on a pretty water bottle — consider it an investment in your Instagram wellness game.

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