Trend Alert: We Are Buzzing About These New Cold Brew-Flavored Products

Like avocado toast, cold brew coffee has become a staple millennial obsession. As this point in the beverage's reign as a favorite summer coffee beverage, it only makes sense that cold brew-flavored food products would soon follow suit. We've already tasted our fair share of regular coffee-flavored goods, but recently there's been an emergence of its chilled and trendier cousin. This extension of the cold brew trend has now infiltrated our favorite foods, from chocolate bars to yogurt and (most fittingly) ice cream — just in time for warmer weather.

Companies like Tillamook, Trader Joe's, Ben & Jerry's, and even smaller boutique brands have thrown their cold-brewed caffeinated hats in the ring. But is there an actual difference in the taste between chilled versus regular coffee flavor? Because cold brew is steeped in cold water it boasts a smoother, less acidic, and fuller bodied flavor than regular coffee. It's hard to know if the nuance of cold brew versus regular coffee flavor actually comes across in a food mash-up or if consumers are drawn to these new products because of the trend. Cold brew fans will have to decide for themselves. Taste tests strongly encouraged. Scroll on to check them out.

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Ben & Jerry's Chillin' The Roast Cold Brew Coffee Ice Cream
Filled with chocolate cookie-covered coffee liqueur truffles and fudge swirls, this recently launched pint from B&J's adds a few extra layers of decadence to our favorite warm weather sip.
Trader Joe's Cold Brew Coffee Chocolate Bar
This bar is a blend of 70% with TJ’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate with a bottom layer of finely ground coffee beans and a chocolate ganache, cold brew coffee-infused caramel filling.
Tillamook Farmstyle Greek Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee Yogurt
Tillamook serving us our second morning dose of Stumptown Coffee Roasters' cold brew — in creamy, spoonable yogurt form.
Wild Ophelia Mix & Match Cold Brew Chocolate Coffee Bites
These premium cold brew coffee squares have a hard exterior and soft center fused with separate flavors of sea salt caramel latte, Mexican vanilla, and jet black.
Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee Ice Cream
If Tillamook's and Stumptown's cold brew yogurt made you hungry, just wait until you try a scoop of the ice cream version — made with coffee that's been steeped for over 12 hours until optimally smooth for an extra creamy blend.
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