Refinery29 Readers Confess Their Amazon Hidden Gems

Amazon is essentially an IRL version of Ariel's treasure trove, famously detailed in her The Little Mermaid number, "Part Of Your World." Only instead of a cavernous hole 1000 leagues under the sea, all that "neat" stuff is housed on digital shelves across the web. And, instead of useless, "whozits," "whatzits," and, "thingamabobs," Amazon's best booty is a collection of secret weapon stuff that we never knew we needed and now we that we have it, simply can't live without — a collection we've come to call, the hidden gems.

Since this particular online product ocean runs deep, we decided to poll an in-the-know pool of online-shopping mermaids across the country for their absolute favorite buys. From fashion to tech, beauty, travel, home decor, and health and wellness, the hidden gems' list ahead covers products so unique that you may be entirely surprised to find they were snagged off Amazon. Scroll on to shop our secret treasure trove of Amazon's hidden gems and become a part of a world filled with baby products that are actual magic, face oils, lint rollers the size of mops, trendy boots to ruffle dresses for fall, plus totes galore. And spread the good goods for our next round of Amazon hidden gems — we'd love to know what treasures you've tried, tested, and approved.


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Reusable Makeup Remover Cloths

Arlette, 26

How She Discovered It: "A beauty shopping roundup."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "Saves me so much money, I don't need to use disposable wipes anymore which have chemicals — and these are chemical-free! I just add water and then with a swift buff all my makeup comes off (including waterproof mascara). I've already bought this four times!"
Miracle Miracle Face Erase Makeup Remover Cloths (2 Pack)$11.97 Buy

Sterling Silver Cobra Earrings

Kate, 22

How She Discovered It: "Searching for jewelry on Amazon — this brand has very interesting options at reasonable prices."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "It's a hidden gem because the pieces feel like they are high quality but still super unique."
Wild Things Sterling Silver Cobra Hook Earrings$34.95 Buy

Adult Drinking Card Game

Sarah, 29

How She Discovered It: "After it went viral on Twitter."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "It's HILLARIOUS... and gets you drunk!"
These Cards Will Get You Drunk These Cards Will Get You Drunk - Adult Card Game$15.99 Buy

Sherpa Fleece Pullover

Lisa, 28

How She Discovered It: "Searching for an affordable replacement for the trendy overpriced version that kept targeting me on Instagram..." 

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "This fleece is slouchy chic with just the right amount of 'I borrowed it from my boyfriend' edge. It's one of my favorite winter staples to layer under puffer jackets or just sport solo while kicking it on my couch. Plus, people always mistake it for that pricier Instagram one ;)." 
MeroKeety Sherpa Fleece Patchwork Pullover With Pockets$28.99 Buy

Portable Storage Drive

Rissa, 26

How She Discovered It: "Youtube."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "I like to travel as light as possible which is a little counterintuitive for a woman who edits video for a living. This little device is light, reliable and soooo necessary for anyone who makes content."
Samsung T5 Portable SSD$249.99 $167.69 Buy

No Sebum Mineral Powder

April, 23

How She Discovered It: "I read about it on a website about products that help with oily skin."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "It's one of the best products I have ever used. I've struggled with acne since I was 12. Now that I'm older, I've been trying to find products to help control it and the oiliness. I use acne medication, a good moisturizer, and then this on top. It keeps my skin so soft and helps with the oil perfectly. I can't recommend it enough!"
Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder$10.87 $5.33 Buy

Engraved Wooden Cutting Board

Eve, 26

How She Discovered It: "List of ideas for personalized gifts."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "I was searching for something a little nicer to gift my future in-laws at Christmas — and I knew even if they didn't use it to cook, they'd put it up on display."
Straga Products Olive Wreath Engraved Cutting Board$35.00 Buy

Countertop Oven

Donna, 34

How She Discovered It: "Youtube."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "We purchased this when we got rid of our microwave. The many features this machine has rocks — and even though we typically only use a handful of them, they all work very well; the toast settings are super accurate and it has an awesome Rotisserie part so I can slow roast chicken. The only thing I miss about our old microwave is how quickly I could heat things up, but the pro of my food tasting better way outweighs that con. I highly recommend and love love love it!"
ConvectionWorks Hi-Q Intelligent Countertop Oven Set$179.99 Buy
*December Hidden Gem

Terra Ties Biodegradable Hair Elastics

Courtney, 26

How She Discovered It: "Heard about them from a friend who works in beauty!"

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "As someone who is constantly losing hair ties — seriously, where do they go?! — the thought of them collecting dust somewhere keeps me up at night. Enter: Terra Ties. They look and feel just like the drugstore black elastics you know, love, and seriously can’t keep misplacing, but are made of an entirely biodegradable blend of organic cotton and natural rubber. Even better, they don’t leave weird bends or creases in your hair, and the paperboard they arrive packaged in is also compostable. Freaking. Genius."
Terra Ties Biodegradable Elastic Hair Ties (27-Pack)$14.95 Buy
*December Hidden Gem

Soy-Wax Candle Giftset

Elizabeth, 26

How She Discovered It: "Searching for housewarming gift ideas."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "Easy housewarming gift for someone living with roommates! It's practical, makes the house smell nice, and no one has to claim direct ownership of it."
YINUO LIGHT Scented Candle Gift Set, 100% Natural Soy Wax$14.96 Buy
*December Hidden Gem

Blonde & Silver Shampoo

Sloan, 25

How She Discovered It: "My old deskmate told me about it and no other toning product compares."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "It is SO cheap and it lasts so long and it works so well. I tried to find it in a beauty supply store and couldn't even find it, way to go Amazon you've got me. It works so well and I tell every blonde to use it."
Clairol Shimmer Lights Original Shampoo Blonde & Silver 8 oz.$9.29 Buy
*December Hidden Gem

100% Bamboo Shelf

Angelina, 24

How She Discovered It: "I was searching for furniture that would help maximize the space in my tiny (and I mean really tiny) room in NYC."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "I had a really odd indent in my room that created an extra 14 x 14 corner (if that makes sense) and I wanted to make the most of it! I couldn't find anything that was the correct dimensions and basically scoured all over until I found this standing storage rack. I know it says it's a bathroom rack but I think it looks pretty cute in a bedroom AND it was extremely easy to put together."
SONGMICS 100% Bamboo 4-Tier Shelf$42.99 Buy
*December Hidden Gem

Colossus Duffle Bag

Nina, 42

How She Discovered It: "While I was browsing Amazon for a new gym bag."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "While this huge duffle bag is definitely WAY too big for the gym, something about its massive size and military-like design really spoke to me. It was also on sale, so I took a chance. The epic size was actually kind of perfect and allowed me to overpack just enough on a recent trip to Europe, where a variety of outfit changes was very crucial. Highly recommend!"
Condor Colossus Duffle Bag$69.29 $64.95 Buy
*November Hidden Gem

Sour Gummies

Rachel, 31

How She Discovered It: "Amazon Search."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "I miss sour keys from Canada so much and the only place I can find it in the U.S. is on Amazon."
Koala Sour Suckers Gummy Candy$26.55 Buy
*November Hidden Gem

Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads

Jessica, 28

How She Discovered It: "I was looking for reusable pads that I could swap out my cotton rounds with (I'm very picky about cotton rounds — the ones I got from the drugstore always left random strands of cotton on my face!) So I googled and found these. At first, I ended up with ones that were nursing pads, but these are smaller and softer, IMO. "

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "I use these every day — sometimes two! They're great for taking off makeup with makeup remover, a quick cleanse with micellar water, or applying toner. I just toss them in a delicates bag and wash them with the rest of my laundry."
Wegreeco Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads$11.99 Buy
*November Hidden Gem

Dog Bandanas

Liz, 28

How She Discovered It: "After adopting my new pup, I was on the hunt for affordable-chic attire that would ship ASAP and landed on this super stylish Amazon pet brand."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "These under-$20 bandanas are sooo freaking cute — they come in a ton of different sizes, bright patterns, and fabrics. They're also handmade in the U.S., which is a super nice touch. I've already ordered a bunch of the linen colors for summer and luxe corduroys for fall and plan on gifting a few to fellow fur-moms during the holidays."
Rocco & Roxie Linen Dog Bandana$15.97 Buy
*November Hidden Gem

Odor Absorbing Shoe Liners

Sarah, 35

How She Discovered It: "I think I first bought these as an impulse purchase at a random shoe shop, but then loved them so much I found them on Amazon and now order them every summer."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "It might be outdated, but I love ballet flats — probably because it reminds me of childhood when I took ballet and thought I would grow up to be a dancer. The no-show socks never stay on or feel comfortable, so this is so much better."
Silver Linings Odor Absorbing Shoe Liners (5 Pairs)$16.00 Buy
*November Hidden Gem

Not A Hugger Ceramic Mug

Jessie, 24

How She Discovered It: "I was looking for a mug to gift to a friend."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "This company has so many cute mugs and so once I stumbled on them I spent almost an hour narrowing it down to this one that worked perfectly as a gift. She loves it and uses it all the time!"
LookHUMAN LookHUMAN Not A Hugger White 11 Ounce Ceramic Coffee Mug$11.99 Buy
*November Hidden Gem

Standing Desk

Mary Grace, 26

How She Discovered It: "Searching on Amazon."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "Most standing desks are super pricey but this one is really nice and won't break the bank. I've been working from home a lot so this has been a lifesaver!"
TaoTronics Standing Desk$139.99 $129.99 Buy
*October Hidden Gem

Leaves Candle

Lorenna, 29

How She Discovered It: "From your best fall candle roundup, actually!"

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "The 'Hello Fall' from the same candle brand was actually sold out on Amazon, so I checked out some of the other available seasonal scents and settled on the 'Leaves' option. It's amazing. Smells just like a crisp fall day/my mom has just baked a fresh apple pie/the window is open and there's a bonfire going on outside/autumn incarnate."
Sweet Water Decor Leaves, Natural Soy-Wax Candle$17.99 Buy
*October Hidden Gem

Cable-Twist Boyfriend Cardigan

Maddie, 26

How She Discovered It: "Cruising the web for an under-$50, top-rated slouchy sweater I could wear with and layer over just about anything."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "The quality of this sweater is surprisingly high for the low price. Plus, it feels more unique than picking up this season's version from Zara or H&M along with everyone else. It's kinda like my grandma made it or my mom wore...but chic."
futurino Cable-Twist Long Boyfriend Cardigan$25.99 Buy
*October Hidden Gem

Back & Neck Massager

Kai, 30

How She Discovered It: "While mindlessly scrolling through the Amazon app after a couple glasses of wine."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "If you work at an office sitting at your desk for hours on end, then investing in a body massager will change. your. life. I love how this one gets right into my neck and shoulders to eliminate knots and tension. I swear, it’s almost as good as a real massage. Plus, it's a best seller with nearly 3,000 reviews!"

Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager$44.99 Buy
*October Hidden Gem

Ruffled Swing Dress

Madeline, 21

How She Discovered It: "My secret vice: the #founditonamazon hashtag."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "It’s the perfect transitional dress, and obviously meant to be worn solo during the warmer months. When the temperature starts to drop, I’ll layer it over a turtleneck and jeans — the print isn’t too summery, so it won’t look out of season."
Mitilly Ruffled Swing Dress$24.99 Buy
*October Hidden Gem

Natural Nutrient Boost Eye Serum

Candace, 23

How She Discovered It: "Instagrammers."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "Their Restore Eye Serum is the best eye product I've tried because it doesn't clump into white spots on my skin, unlike others."
akar skin Natural Nutrient Boost Eye Serum$85.00 Buy
*October Hidden Gem

Time-Marker Water Bottle

Samantha, 32

How She Discovered It: "Searching for a time marker water bottle to help me drink more water."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "I’ve been looking for ways to drink more water and I found several water bottles that have a time tracker so you remember to drink every hour. It’s been a fun game to stay hydrated. My fiancé calls it the power hour of your thirties. The bottle is cute, lightweight and I love the wrist strap. What really sold it for me is the straw because it makes it much easier to drink and doesn’t feel as much like a chore."
Giotto Leakproof BPA-Free Water Bottle (32oz)$14.99 Buy
*September Hidden Gem

O'Keeffe's Foot Cream

Jacqui, 35

How She Discovered It: "I have been using this foot cream for years."

Why It’s A Hidden Gem: "Cracked, dry feet are the worst, but this product WORKS. That's my short review but there are thousands of other positive reviews that go into way more detail."
O'Keeffe's Foot Cream$13.99 $7.29 Buy
*September Hidden Gem

Snake Print Boot

Lauren, 27

How She Discovered It:
"I was searching for new snakeskin stamped boots for the fall."

Why It’s A Hidden Gem: "I had my eye on the Sam Edelman Walden snakeskin boots but they're $170. I was so happy to find a similar pair in stock online."
Carlos by Carlos Santana Snakeskin Ankle Boots (Vegan)$55.08 $49.99 Buy
*September Hidden Gem

Organic Rosehip Oil

Nicola, 27

How She Discovered It: "I have always been afraid to use oil on my skin, but I recently learned about the benefits of rosehip oil from an Instagram influencer I follow, @healthyskinglows."

Why It’s A Hidden Gem: "Radha Beauty's rosehip oil was the best high-quality, cold-pressed oil I found when I researched different options. I love that Radha sells a wide variety of other oils on Amazon too and that I can have it delivered within one day via Amazon Prime."
Radha Beauty Organic Rosehip Oil$14.95 Buy
*September Hidden Gem

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit

Colleen, 32

How She Discovered It: "My mom's friends were all talking about it."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "One of the biggest causes of interrupted sleep for babies (and parents!) is flailing arms and legs that wake them up. The Magic Merlin is an enchanted little suit that keeps babies' arms and legs gently weighed down, while also keeping them warm — no need for a blanket. It’s a Godsend for new, sleep-deprived parents!"
Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit$39.95 Buy
*September Hidden Gem

Alder New York Hydrating Face Mask

Karina, 25

How She Discovered It: "I’m always curious about the indie beauty brands that Amazon carries, and Alder New York is a new one on my radar."

Why It’s A Hidden Gem: "Alder New York’s masks are great. They’re vegan and cruelty-free, and this one makes my face tingle so I know it’s working!"

Alder New York Hydrating Face Mask$8.00 Buy
*August Hidden Gem

Perfume Bottle Shaped AirPods Case

Vanessa, 26

How She Discovered It: "Looking for something to differentiate my air-pods from everyone else."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "Cute and special design for an affordable price."
UR Sunshine Perfume Bottle Shape AirPods Case$9.99 Buy
*August Hidden Gem

Volume & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara

Sarah, 27

How She Discovered It: "Japanese makeup and skincare top 10 lists on a whole bunch of different makeup blogs I follow all gave this particular brand glowing reviews, so I had to check it out."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "I have a fraught history with mascara, especially waterproof formulas. Drugstore mascara wands get gunky really fast and don't give me an even application. Higher-end brands aren't much better, plus they're exorbitantly expensive. Mascara removal sucks too. Those Almay pads people swear by? That Lancome forumla? They're both oily as hell and I end up having to rub pretty hard to get my eye makeup off. BUT! This Heroine Make stuff? Comes off with a swipe of Pond's and lasts all day. The price is right, too. Bless up."
Heroine Make Volume & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara$11.26 $10.48 Buy
*August Hidden Gem

BAGGU Duck Bag Canvas Tote

Cristina, 38

How She Discovered It: "I was searching for a new tote bag."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "I love everything about it, the size, color and pattern, the material and the fact that as a tote bag, it's more robust and you can close it, so things don't drop out. It also comes in so many cool themes. "
Baggu Duck Bag Canvas Tote$32.00 Buy
*August Hidden Gem

Missha Aqua Sun Gel SPF 50

Serena, 25

How She Discovered It: "My coworker gave me her 12 step skincare routine and this is by far one of my favorite recommendations."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "I used to associate SPF with sticky, slimy and something that would clog my pores. But leaving the house without SPF on my face makes me feel like having intercourse without a condom. UNPROTECTED. This sunscreen feels almost like a serum that sinks right into the skin and doesn't smell like I just made out with a life guard."
Missha  All Around Safe Block Aqua Sun SPF 50$14.80 Buy
*August Hidden Gem

High-Waist Compression Shorts

Nicole, 23

How She Discovered It: "I wanted biker shorts from Girlfriend Collective but all the black ones were sold out all the time so I turned to Amazon."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "They are possibly the best running/yoga shorts I own."
Baleaf High-Waist Compression Shorts$19.99 Buy
*August Hidden Gem

Avarelle Acne Absorbing Cover Patch

Katie, 25

How She Discovered It: "Surfing Amazon's indie-beauty scene."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "As one reviewer said it best, these little patches are 'miracle workers.' Coming from someone with sensitive skin prone to additional flareups from using harsher acne-related formulas, this absolute hidden gem of a product caused no irritation whatsoever and actually soothed my skin while clearing up my blemish overnight. I'm a believer."
Avarelle Acne Absorbing Cover Patch$8.50 Buy
*August Hidden Gem

Fancy That Cat Key Ring 

Steph, 27

How She Discovered It: "I kept getting served chic keyring targeted ads, so I took to Amazon to find a cheaper alternative."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "Not only is this minimalist keyring chic and cat-shaped, but it's also an under $10 guarantee that I won't lose my keys...again. Oh, and it also comes in a lightning bolt shape that I ordered as a flashy backup (incase of misplacement emergencies)."
Fancy That Brass Key Ring, 3.35 inches, Cat$7.00 Buy
*August Hidden Gem

Turkish Towel Bundle

Susie, 28

How She Discovered It: "Searching for top-rated towels that weren't going to cost an arm and a leg."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "Aside from loving the blue and white stripe style of this 100% Turkish cotton set, the bundle itself breaks down to under $10 per luxe pool-sized towel."
Chakir Turkish Linens 100% Turkish Cotton Cabana Towels, 4-Pack$39.99 Buy
*August Hidden Gem

Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

Julia, 25

How She Discovered It: "Prime Day Lightening Deal."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "I bought this because I recently went up to a coworker and asked what the occasion for her blowout was. She then told me she just quickly used a heat brush that morning. Her hair looked amazing so I took advantage of Prime Day and bought this one. I am truly shocked with how well it works. I now use it almost every morning instead of a regular brush and it makes me just look that much more put together!"
GLAMFIELDS Ionic Hair Straightener Brush$39.99 Buy
*August Hidden Gem

Hoxis Pu Leather Tote

Erin, 36

How She Discovered It: "Through R29's Instagram-like handbag story!"

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "I feel like the best Amazon finds are pieces that don't try and do too much, and this minimalist tote is a perfect example of that. I get so many compliments on how elegant it looks and no one can ever believe it's a faux leather bag that I snagged for under $20."
Hoxis Soft Pu Leather Small Tote$17.90 Buy
*July Hidden Gem

Mammoth Lint Roller

Libby, 28

How She Discovered It: "Hilary Rhoda's Instagram (her husband is a neat-freak)."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "I mean, it's a giant lint roller! Enough said! It's especially helpful on my cowhide rug (vs. dealing with it getting sucked into vacuum) and it takes half the time to de-lint my coats/sweaters. I love it so much — by far my favorite Amazon purchase!"
Mammoth Extra Large Lint Roller, 2 Rollers and 2 Refills$19.99 Buy
*July Hidden Gem

Makeup Sponge Blender Set 

Kellie, 32

How She Discovered It: "I was looking for an alternative to the Beauty Blender, and these were highly reviewed and so cheap, I just had to try them."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "Under $2 a sponge vs $20 for the beauty blender and I like it better! I went back to the beauty blender for a day when I ran out of these sponges and I didn’t like it anymore! I’m never spending $20 on a sponge again!"
Getter Makeup Sponge Blender Set (7)$20.00 $10.99 Buy
*July Hidden Gem

French Linen & Cotton Blend Sheets

Mimi, 26

How She Discovered It: "I was searching for linen sheets but all the high-end brand companies sell for $4-500 and up. I've had my sheets for a couple months now and they just get softer and softer. I love them!"

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "There's nothing like falling into a bed that you're never too hot or too cold in. But usually that comes at a cost. These are the same price as my nice Pottery Barn sheets but the quality will last me a lifetime."
DAPU French Linen & Long-Staple Cotton Blend Sheet Set$89.99 $71.98 Buy
*July Hidden Gem

Scalp Massager & Exfoliating Dandruff Brush

Loreto, 20

How She Discovered It: "On one of my late night Amazon rabbit holes."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "I was looking for a dandruff solution when I came upon this gem. All the other options seemed to only work for a couple of weeks before the silicon brushes would break, so I took a chance on this brush and it’s completely changed my life! Every time I wash my hair and use this brush my scalp feels so clean, and it does a better job than my fingers ever will, plus it’s helped remove my dandruff almost to nothing. I truly appreciate this product."
Zyllion Scalp Massager Dandruff Brush$5.95 Buy
*July Hidden Gem

Oversized White Linen Shirt

Liz, 28

How She Discovered It: "An entire afternoon spent Googling cheap white linen shirts that could double as a beach coverup."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "Based off the few but glowing reviews, under $30 price tag, and Prime shipping eligibility, I ended up ordering this white linen button down in an XXL size for coverup duty — it was my best impulse purchase to date (well-made, accurately sized, light, breezy, and oh-so-soft). I sported it overtop my swimsuit paired with a white-cotton hat all weekend long, answering all 'where did you get that?!' commenters with a shock-and-awe-inspiring 'for $27 bucks on Amazon' reply."
Minibee Oversized Cotton Linen Blouse$27.99 Buy
*July Hidden Gem

100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid

Carey, 47

How She Discovered It: "Searching on Amazon."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "I add three drops of this to my expensive serums and creams and it extends the life and adds moisture. Lasts forever and is inexpensive. Game changer!"
Watts 100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid$10.99 Buy
*July Hidden Gem

36-Pack Of Assorted Velvet Scrunchies

Kara, 24

How She Discovered It: "My heart skipped a beat when I came across this scrunchie gold mine on 'Recommended For You' page. (What can I say? Amazon knows me very well.)"

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "Not only do you now have a scrunchie for every outfit, you can theoretically go a full month (plus about an extra week) without repeating a. single. one. Plus, at $14, each one comes out to less than 50 cents each. (!!)"
Chloven Velvet Hair Scrunchies (45-Pc Set)$8.99 Buy
*July Hidden Gem

SofSole Instant Sneaker Cleaner

Steph, 30

How She Discovered It: "I’m having a white sneaker moment, almost everyday. When my #1 shoe spot stopped carrying my favorite cleaner, I knew Amazon would be the place to find it."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "After I clean my shoes with Sof Sole people legit say, ‘Oh! New sneaks?’ Every time!”
Sof Sole Instant Cleaner Foaming Stain Remover$9.97 Buy
*June Hidden Gem

Reusable Storage Bags

Megan, 29

How She Discovered It: "Searching for a sustainable alternative to plastic ziplock baggies...a pack of those things used to fly off my cabinet shelves like hotcakes."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "These eco-friendly storage solutions aren't only ideal for saving leftovers and snacks, but they're also perfect pouches for keeping everything from loose change to vitamins and makeup essentials organized inside a chaotic purse or gym bag."
Rezip Lay-Flat Leakproof Reusable Storage Bag 5-Pack (Multi C$19.98 Buy
*June Hidden Gem

Sheer Soft Cup Bra

Jacqui, 31

How She Discovered It: "I took a punt one day cause I was Googling mesh bras and stumbled upon this one. I am never not wearing this bra."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "It is literally the best bra known to man, super cheap and the best material ever."
Gossard Women's Glossies Sheer Bra$39.20 Buy
*June Hidden Gem

All-Day Liquid Eyeliner

Karina, 25

How She Discovered It: "Before I started working in beauty, I heavily researched every makeup purchase I made, whether I was shopping at the drugstore or Sephora. This Maybelline liquid eyeliner pen was one of my earlier purchases, but years later, I keep coming back to it because it's just that good. Plus, if I ever forgot to pack my eyeliner when traveling, I'll always know it's a solid pick for an emergency shopping trip."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "It can be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, a felt-tip liquid eyeliner is like the little black dress of beauty products. It makes a chic, clean statement worn by itself, but also compliments virtually any eyeshadow look you're going for. And as the name aptly points out, the tip is super precise, which allows me to create a barely-there wing or go more dramatic with the shape. In other words, it's the perfect drugstore liquid eyeliner."
Maybelline Eyestudio Master Precise All Day Liquid Eyeliner$6.64 Buy
*June Hidden Gem

Velvet Tufted Headboard

Rebecca, 23

How She Discovered It: "I really wanted an Anthropologie channel tufted bed when I moved into my first apartment, but I also wanted to stay within my budget so I tried to find a similar look elsewhere. I looked on several home furniture sites until I decided to give Amazon a go. I found this adjustable headboard right away and it looks just as good as the $700+ ones I had wanted earlier."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "There were so many cute color options (I went with the light blue, but I loved the blush as well), it was easy to attach to my bed, it's very sturdy, and I got the look I wanted for my room for a really great price."
Modway Keira Channel Tufted Velvet Headboard$139.12 Buy
*June Hidden Gem

Ice Roller

Stephanie, 37

How She Discovered It: "The girls in my office found these for a Palm Springs' bachelorette weekend to use as hangover remedies."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "They loved them so much that we ended up stocking them in our office freezer for 3PM pick me ups and early morning meetings! Game changer in 45 seconds — also helpful for feeling refreshed if you have to head straight from the office to after-work plans."
esarora Ice Roller For Face & Eye$11.99 Buy
*June Hidden Gem

Ceramic Lip Ashtray

Cait, 30

How She Discovered It: "Last year, I started noticing funky, sculptural ashtrays seemed to suddenly be everywhere (thanks legalization!) and I wanted to buy one. I have a weird obsession with lip motifs and saw something similar to this somewhere else, but for much more money. I searched around and couldn't believe how inexpensive this one was. It looks very high quality IRL!"

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "It definitely adds a little extra oomph to my coffee table. Even if you don't smoke, it's perfect for storing jewelry or other odds and ends in, and it's a great conversation piece."
Loghot Ceramic Lip Ashtray$8.98 Buy
*June Hidden Gem

Platform Bed Frame

Reid, 23

How She Discovered It: "I had a lot of requirements for what I wanted in a bed for my apartment. I needed a bed that didn't require a box spring, tall enough that I could put bins under the bed for storage, and had holes for attaching my headboard. I didn't like the look of the frames that unfold, and needed a frame with wooden slats to make my foam mattress last longer."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "This frame hit every requirement I had and then some. I got the 18" frame (there's also a 14" version) so its super tall and I was able to stack my bins and suitcases underneath. I have never had an easier piece of furniture to put together. It took me and a friend all of 10 minutes to assemble, and it's so sturdy."
Zinus Lorrick Quick Snap 18 Inch Platform Bed Frame$127.99 Buy
*May Hidden Gem

Black High-Waist Leggings

Casey, 36

How She Discovered It: "Trial & error + lots of Amazon comments section trolling."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "This pair of leggings passes the see-through squat test in flying colors. No underwear showing here! They are super matte and on the thicker side which I like. I also like how high they are on the waist for indoor cycling so everything stays comfortably in place. Bonus: lots of pockets which is a take it or leave it for me personally but a bonus for runners etc."
Dragon Fit Compression Leggings$20.98 Buy
*May Hidden Gem

Cute Cheap Sunglasses

Marissa, 39

How She Discovered It: "In a Refinery29 story that I researched and wrote. Hi, hello, yes, I work here."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "I have finally accepted that I'm a serial loser of sunglasses. After my favorite pair of Céline sunnies — that I owned all of one (!) year — disappeared into thin air, I said, never again. No longer will I spend money on an item that I can't trust myself to keep track of even if said item is perched on my head. These cat-eye sunnies are cheap and light. The lens quality is meh but they are so cute and fit every face that tries them on — even my own little head, as exhibited in this selfie with Amazon shades. If/when I lose these sunglasses I will buy another pair and feel good that the person who finds them will hopefully enjoy them too.
Gifiore Retro Cateye Sunglasses$8.91 Buy
*May Hidden Gem

Travel Makeup Case

Rebecca, 29

How She Discovered It: "I was looking for a travel make up bag and a friend recommended this one."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "I love the print, it's the perfect size and it keeps my make up safe (due to hard outside) and organized. It's also reasonably priced and makes for a great gift for girlfriends, family,. etc. "
Palm Trees & Pineapples Travel Makeup Case$22.85 Buy
*April Hidden Gem

Cotton Ruffle Socks

Ruby, 31

How She Discovered It: "I was browsing for interesting socks, like always! And am always on the hunt for high-cotton blends that don't feel cheapy."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "I mostly wear loafers and oxfords, which I love pairing with skirts or cropped pants and kooky socks or colorful socks, and this six-pack of cute ankle socks was a no-brainer!"
MCool Mary Ankle Ruffle Socks (6 Pack)$13.99 Buy
*April Hidden Gem

Diamond Wedding Ring

Kristyn, 29

How She Discovered It: "So this is a similar style ring - I can't find my exact ring. But, it was given to me on Christmas eve when I got engaged :) My main stone is 1.6 ctw "very good" quality diamond and i think was around 4k he never told me the exact amount."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "My husband and I both really enjoy deal shopping — it's one of our pastimes haha so he knew I'd have no issues with him getting a great deal on my ring — I just wanted to be married! It's an antique-style setting and really fits my style so I immediately fell in love with it. Once we got it appraised it was valued at a lot more than he paid — like 7k more! It came with an appraisal certificate that was already more than he paid but we took it to a reputable jeweler who went NUTS for it and appraised it even higher. Jewelers especially often ask me if its a family heirloom because they say it's beautifully crafted. I love it so much i choose to wear it on my right hand because I don't want a band taking any attention away from the details on the sides."
Dazzling Rock 10K-Gold 1CT Diamond Ring Set With Matching Band$1060.40 Buy
*April Hidden Gem

White Marble Ring-Holder

Sarah, 30

How She Discovered It: "I was looking for something on trend and unique to display my many rings. Something that was also stylish and looks good on my vanity."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "This is one of those items that you didn't know you needed until you had one. I absolutely love that its made of solid marble. It feels good to hold and is an affordable way to add some marble accent to my home. I use it everyday to hold my engagement ring when I'm not wearing it. I've also gifted this many friends and they all loved it! It's a small and lovely gift that I've given for engagement parties, bridal showers, coworkers, etc."
Craft Monkees White Carrara Marble Ring Holder$27.99 Buy
*March Hidden Gem

Selfie Tripod

Claire, 27

How She Discovered It: "Through my own research!"

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "This tripod has changed my life and my social content game! There's no shame in snapping an outfit pic with a tripod when you live alone, and it also lets me make funny videos that bring me SO much joy!"
Fugetek Selfie Stick & Tripod$23.99 Buy
*March Hidden Gem

Pearl Hairclips

Sasha, 29

How She Discovered It: "I was searching for cute, cheap hair clips after seeing an influencer wearing them."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "Hair clips are all over Instagram right now and these are the perfect detail to get the look for an affordable price."
Hithop Artificial Pearl Barrettes$6.99 Buy
*March Hidden Gem

Wig Tape

Katherine, 34

How She Discovered It: "Years ago when I was a fashion assistant, the stylist I was assisting used it on a photo shoot to keep shirts and makeshift hems in place."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "This wig tape is cheaper, stronger, and more reliable than the traditional 'fashion tape.' Works like a charm to make sure blouses don't gape and garments stay in the right place when there's lots of movement on set. It's great for swim shoots too. It's one of my many secret weapons I keep stocked in my styling kit."
Vapon Topstick Clear Hairpiece Tape (1 Roll)$6.49 Buy
*March Hidden Gem

Face-Mask Collection

Sally, 26

How She Discovered It: "Browsing around!"

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "Less than 2 dollars per sheet mask. Plus they feel amazing after putting them in the fridge for a couple minutes."
Dermal Collagen Essence Full-Face Sheet Mask Set (24-Pack)$13.99 $13.29 Buy
*February Hidden Gem

Cute Portable Mini Vacuum

Rebecca, 28

How She Discovered It: "I discovered it in the shuk while I was living in Tel Aviv. When I moved to NY I needed one for my new apartment so I searched on Amazon and voila! Now every person who comes to our apartment asks where it's from and we give them out as gifts. We probably have at least 5 of them stocked in our closet right now."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "It's just so useful! We keep it on our coffee table and use it at least once a night after we eat by the tv or have company over."
HONBAY Mini Table Dust Vaccum$8.47 Buy
*February Hidden Gem

Heartburn Relief & Sleep Support Gummies

Tina, 30

How She Discovered It: "Found it on Amazon after searching for nighttime acid reflex / sleeping aid."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "I suffer from both acid reflux and have a hard time falling asleep and this product seems to help a lot with both!"
Alka Seltzer Heartburn Relief + Sleep Support Gummies (Pack of 2)$22.96 Buy
*February Hidden Gem

Glamorous Swimsuit

Colette, 28

How She Discovered It: "I spent longer than I'd like to admit looking for a cute black one piece. I read a ton of reviews and finally landed on this one."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "Bathing suits are my least favorite thing to buy, but this one checks all the boxes. It's well made, comfortable, cost only $25 but looks at least twice as expensive, and most importantly I feel really good in it. It's the only bathing suit I want to wear for the rest of eternity."
Tempt Me One Piece Ruched Monokini Swimwear$24.99 Buy
*February Hidden Gem

Soft Shag Rug

Colleen, 28

How She Discovered It: "I spent weeks looking for a blush colored rug that was high quality and fit my budget and finally stumbled upon this lovely rug!"

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "It's so soft, fluffy, and pretty and keeps my feet cozy and safe from my freezing hardwood floors. And you can't beat the price for such a large and high quality rug."
Safavieh California Premium Shag Area Rug (4' x 6')$64.98 Buy
*February Hidden Gem

Oribe Après Beach Wave & Shine Spray

Cara, 35

How She Discovered It: "I actually think it might have been through a Refinery beauty article."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "It's more of an expensive gem than a hidden gem, this stuff ain't cheap. But after trying so many other products, this is the one that really works. A lot of people pay top dollar to be in the Oribe good hair club, but, for me, snagging it off Amazon makes it feel a bit more budget because of those Prime shipping perks!"
Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray$42.00 Buy
*February Hidden Gem

Affordable Formal Dress

Arianna, 27

How She Discovered It: "I was going to a black tie wedding and didn't want to spend a lot of money on a dress, and I had an Amazon gift card so...I googled formal dresses on Amazon and found one with rave reviews. A lot of girls mentioned using it as a bridesmaid dress!"

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "I only paid $40 for it, I got a lot of compliments on it AND have turned multiple people onto the same dress, so a lot of my friends own it as well."
Ever Pretty One Shoulder Long Dress$45.99 Buy
*February Hidden Gem

A Trendy Down Jacket

Ashleigh, 28

How She Discovered It: "On a social media feed."

Why It's A Hidden Gem: "It is the best winter coat I have ever had. It's warm enough for the cold winters and trendy enough for my hip Brooklyn neighborhood. I own the grey one and always get so many compliments on it. My first response is always 'Thanks! I got it on Amazon!'"
Orolay Women's Down Jacket $129.99 Buy
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