The Raddest Cuts For Guys This Year, According To The Pros

In 2017, we saw some real progressive changes in the ways women both wear and perceive their hair. Natural hair was finally celebrated on the red carpet, many celebs went shorter than ever before, and hairstyles (and the prices for them) stopped being so damn gendered. We're ready for a full-blown revolution — which means it's time for men to hop on board.

"I wish more men liked to switch it up, but it just hasn't been in the cards," Mèche stylist Aaron King reports from L.A. But that hasn't stopped him, and many more stylists, from easing their clients into fresh lengths, shapes, and styles as we enter the new year.

Maybe you, or someone you know, needs a fresh 'do — so we checked in with the pros for a look into what 2018 holds for men who want to break out of the mold and try something different, whether that's going long, embracing their natural texture, or just trying a new neckline. (Baby steps are okay, too!)

Longer Lengths

For Sal Salcedo, a top hairstylist in L.A., this will be the year of length. He predicts that as women go shorter, men will go longer — and it will just continue from there. "A lot of my male clients are at least growing their top a little longer, if not in the process of growing out their hair altogether. I wouldn’t be surprised if a hippie movement revives, or if California surfers and skaters are the inspiration."
When it comes to curls, our experts say to let 'em grow! Salcedo wears his own defined and springy — and he's not the only one.
For those with a tighter curl pattern, cop soccer player Marouane Fellaini's look. He trusts hairstylist Shai Amiel to keep his long, bouncy curls in tip-top shape. Those on the same path should ask for a soft, rounded shape that's trimmed while dry to maintain the integrity of the cut.
Photo: Courtesy of Sal Salcedo.
Longer On The Top/Shorter On The Sides

This classic shape will continue to be popular — but you can expect the tops to get longer as more men choose to showcase their natural texture. Salcedo says that many of his clients are looking to DJ Jamie Jones for inspiration.
"We’re starting to see men braiding their hair, more curiosity with locs, etc.," Salcedo adds. We're loving musician Jonathan Singletary's look.
With this cut, there's plenty of room for detailing and creativity, which Atlanta's Dre The Barber is known for.
Men with wavy hair will also benefit from growing out their strands. Hairstylist Melissa Hoyle suggests asking for lots of length on top and a more grown-in look on the sides.
King says he's also been making tweaks to the popular style on his L.A. clients by leaving the edges raw and untailored. "It looks more effortless and not as manufactured," he says.

Pro tip: It's "not as achievable with clippers," so make sure you go to someone who knows what they're doing — and bring an inspiration image (like this one).
Exhibit B for this look: A less structured fade that still looks modern and sharp.
'90s-Inspired Cuts

For dudes with straight hair, Salcedo predicts a '90s resurgence. "It's a curtain haircut," he says. "Think young Leo, Johnny, or Brad."
Of course, not everyone will want to go long this year — and Spoke & Weal's bicoastal team says a sharp and totally symmetrical buzz cut will be just as popular. This one was crafted by Chicago-based stylist Samuel Venchus.
The Wildcard: Bangs

Behold: male baby bangs. It looks like everyone will be wearing this trend in 2018 — including the guys, predicts Spoke & Weal's Javan Stone.
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