3 Red Hair-Color Trends You’re About To See Everywhere

If pink was your quarantine hair color and blonde was your summer rebound shade, then red might be the best hue to settle into come cuffing season. "Everyone is going redder," says colorist and Mark Ryan salon co-owner Ryan Trygstad, who works with celebrities like Julianne Moore and Laura Dern.

It makes sense, considering the year we've had. For many, red hair can be an instant confidence boost and a daily reminder to connect to warm, comforting hues like copper and ruby. "We've lost work identities and personal identities, and [clients] just want to feel like themselves — but a kickass version," says Trygstad.

With ample time at home, people can also more easily commit to the upkeep of high-maintenance shades like brilliant red. "We've been asking our clients to mask for years, and now they’re into it as a Sunday ritual. People actually care and realize how much they’ve been neglecting themselves," says Trygstad. "Once you start doing it, you see a difference, and you feel pretty and you feel good."


Ahead, Trygstad reveals the three most popular red tones his clients have been requesting lately (and soon you might be, too).

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Trygstad says more and more clients are coming in requesting Julianne Moore red: a vibrant auburn copper that's an instant face-brightener. Even if your natural tone is almost this shade, Trygstad says an in-salon treatment can work wonders in refreshing your color for winter. "As reds age, they usually brown out to a dusty color that loses brilliance," says Trygstad. A quick gloss, a demi-permanent dye that tones the hair between color appointments, can take a few minutes and make a world of difference.

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A rich copper shade can bring new life and definition to curls and bring out the warmth in the skin, as evidenced by this multidimensional color by Colleen Flaherty at Spoke & Weal salon.
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Strawberry Blonde

If you're looking to dip your toe into the red trend, strawberry blonde is the perfect start. "It's essentially the lightest copper you can be," says Trygstad. Here, Amina proves that even if you don't dye your hair from the roots, you can still add some energy and life to your curls by highlighting the ends.

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Nervous about your hair looking brassy? Trygstad understands your concerns. "A lot of people who lived through the '90s have a fear of warmth. The products weren't great and they turned hair hyper-brassy," he says. Luckily, things have changed since then, and this dynamic color from 19 West Salon is a great example of warmth that works.
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Sometimes, strawberry blonde looks so natural, it's almost like you were born with it. "A lot of times, people are warmer as a kid. Your hair gets darker and ashier when you get older," says Trysgstad. "When the background is warm and multifaceted, it looks like the hairline of a kid after a summer. It's way more brightening." This color by Stephanie at Colour & Co. Beauty Salon is proof.
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If you're really looking to make a statement, you can't go wrong with a rich, expensive-looking ruby that looks especially good on curly hair. "The reds are punching up and we're seeing really bright, hyper reds," Trygstad says. Case in point: this blonde Pintura highlight which got a boost of statement-making color thanks to Carolyn Long of Curl Power Salon.
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Trystad's latest work, a truly stunning before-and-after from copper to ruby red, is the motivation you need to go for the plunge this fall.
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Lizzo recently delivered ruby realness with her "Auntie Sam" curly look. It's the bright pop of color you need to reinvent your look. Her colorist Shelby Swain credited Kiss Colors for the vibrant new style.
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