The Haunting True Stories Behind Unsolved Mysteries’ 6 New Episodes

As promised, Unsolved Mysteries dropped Volume 2, with 6 new episodes, on Netflix. Each new chilling episode leaves viewers with the haunting question: what really happened?

From fugitives on the run for decades to a woman found dead in a hotel room with conflicting theories that she may have not been the only one in the room, the new Unsolved Mysteries episodes are truly binge-worthy. In an interview with Refinery29, co-creator Terry Dunn Meurer explained the lengths she and the rest of the team go to in order to bring viewers right into the middle of the cold cases. “I scout all the cases,” Meurer explained. “I really like being at the locations because it just gives you a real feeling for just how mysterious these cases really are.” Usually, according to Meurer, seeing the scenes for herself leads to even more questions, but the challenge of conveying the cases to an audience of armchair detectives is something she is well-versed in.


Co-creators Meurer and John Cosgrove have perfected the art of a gripping mystery. Since Unsolved Mysteries first aired in 1987, it has become a mainstay for true crime enthusiasts. Only this time, they’ve been joined by the producers of Stranger Things to bring the time-tested favorite to Netflix. 

Solving each mystery, especially in the case of disappearances and unexpected deaths, has always been the central focus of the show. To date, Unsolved Mysteries has led to resolutions in over 260 cold cases. Since the drop of the first half of this season, there have already been leads in the cases presented. Their hope is to get the cases in front of as many people as possible. “That’s why we’re very happy that Netflix is premiering Unsolved, because you can’t ask for better reach than that,” said Meurer.

The six new episodes of Unsolved Mysteries are now streaming on Netflix.

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Episode 1: "Washington Insider Murder"

Who’s Involved: John Wheeler was a former White House aide who served in Vietnam and dedicated much of his career to honoring veterans. At the time of his death, he was consulting for a defense contracting firm in cybersecurity. His wife, Katherine Klyce, and his stepdaughter, Meriwether Schas, have no idea why anyone would have wanted to harm him.

What Happened: The body of a man was found in a landfill in Newark, Delaware, and was later identified as John Wheeler. He was allegedly last seen three days prior to exiting an Amtrak train, and later on December 30 in Wilmington. When he was found, it was clear he had been severely beaten leading many to suspect that it was a possible murder-for-hire. The case takes a highly suspicious turn, further supporting the hired hit theory when police are sent to investigate a burglary at Wheeler’s home on the same day.

Where & When It Happened: December 31, 2010, in Wilmington, Delaware

Why It Isn’t Solved: As his death was investigated, theories and connections were scant. CCTV footage offered some insight into his whereabouts and his behavior, but not enough to produce any significant leads.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Episode 2: "Death Row Fugitive"

Who’s Involved: Lester E. Eubanks has been on the run for nearly 40 years after he escaped from prison where he was serving a sentence for murdering 14-year-old Mary Ellen Deener.

What Happened: Mary Ellen Deener was doing laundry with her 12-year-old sister Brenda when they were forced to go to a nearby laundromat to finish because their dryer broke. Mary Ellen went to get change and never came back. Her body was found by the police. She’d been shot twice. Investigators quickly narrowed in on Eubanks and when he was brought in for questioning, he confessed to the crime. Originally, he received a death sentence that was changed to a life sentence when the death penalty was abolished in 1972. Through exhibiting good behavior, Eubanks got a spot in a rehabilitation program that allowed incarcerated people out for limited activities. During one such outing, he made his escape.

Where & When It Happened: Mansfield, OH on November 14, 1965

Why It Isn’t Solved: Investigators have gotten close to Eubanks throughout the years, whether they were aware of it at the time or not, but the case goes cold shortly after discovering his last known location. The last time he surfaced was in Alabama in 2003.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Episode 3: "A Death In Oslo"

Who’s Involved: A young woman going by the name Jennifer Fairgate and a possible Lois Fairgate.

What Happened: Jennifer Fairgate checked into one of Oslo’s nicest hotels. After three days, a member of the staff realized that the woman never gave a credit card or other form of payment for the room. A security guard was asked to check in on her, and as they approach the room, they hear a gunshot. The guard went back downstairs for back up, and the room was left unattended for at least 15 minutes. The room was double-locked from the inside, Fairgate was found holding the gun in an apparent death by suicide. Still, on all official documents, it lists a 99.9 percent chance of that cause of death. Investigators discover a very mysterious set of circumstances leading them to wonder if there was more at play.

Where & When It Happened: The Oslo Plaza Hotel in Oslo, Norway on June 3, 1995.

Why It Isn’t Solved: It was quickly determined that Jennifer Fairgate was a false name. A run of her fingerprints showed no results and no one reported her missing. Any information she listed on her hotel sign-in form was proven to be fake. It wasn’t until November 16, 2016, that her body was exhumed to use better DNA testing, through which they were able to determine she was approximately 24 at her time of death and may have spent much of her childhood in eastern Germany. Still, they have no further leads.
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Episode 4: "Tsunami Spirits"

Who’s Involved: The whole Tōhoku region of Northeastern Japan was affected by a devastating tsunami. It was reported that 20,000 lives were lost. Between surviving family and friends, an untold number of people experienced the loss. Numerous people came forward saying to have seen ghosts and spoken with them.

What Happened: A record-setting earthquake with a magnitude of nine occurred off the coast of Japan resulting in a devastating tsunami with a wave that reached maximum heights of 131 feet. Thousands died, families were separated, and whole neighborhoods were destroyed. Afterward, people who remained in the area started reporting seeing ghosts who would come to them in soaking wet clothes unaware that they had died.

Where & When It Happened: March 11, 2011, in the Tōhoku region of northeastern Japan. One of the cities affected was Ishinomaki. 

Why It Isn’t Solved: Those who have encountered the ghosts and experts commenting on the phenomenon all have different explanations for the sightings. Some believe it is a natural, psychological response to processing extreme and sudden loss. Others believe that the worlds of the living and the dead are only ever separated by a thin veil.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Episode 5: "Lady in the Lake"

Who’s Involved: Joann Romain lived with her three adult children, Michelle, Kellie, and Michael Romain. According to Michelle, her mother had a full social life full of friends, she was involved at their local church, and she was extremely close to her brother, John Matouk.

What Happened: After attending a 7:00 p.m. prayer service at St. Paul Catholic Church, Romain didn’t return home. Her car was found abandoned in the church driveway with her purse still inside. Across the street is Lake St. Clair and a series of footprints in the snow down the embankment to the water. A search ensued, and without a body investigators immediately theorized that Romain may have died by suicide. But her children think there is evidence of foul play. Her daughter Michelle believes family feuds and debts could have contributed.

Where & When It Happened: Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan on January 12, 2010.

Why It Isn’t Solved: Romain’s body was found three months later on March 20, 2010, 35 miles away from where she allegedly entered the water. Due to the advanced state of decomposition, investigators were unable to determine an exact time or cause of death. Though her keys were found zipped up in her coat pocket, her phone was never found which detectives believe could hold information into what happened that night.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Episode 6: "Stolen Kids"

Who’s Involved: Two mothers, Allison Dansby and Rosa Glover, both living in the same housing project just north of Central Park in New York City. They took their toddlers to the same park three months apart. 

What Happened: On a hot day in May, Allison Dansby took her two-year-old son Christopher to Martin Luther King, Jr. playground with her sister Carolyn Manley, her children, and their mother. Both recall it being crowded in the park that day. Dansby left to go to the store, leaving Christopher with her family. When she returned 30 minutes later, Christopher was gone and no one could find him. Police searched the entire housing project and nearby areas, but the case went cold when a K9 unit lost the scent a couple of blocks south of the playground.

Three months later, 19-month-old Shane went to the park with his mother Rosa Glover after she got off work. It was also crowded that day. Glover remembers two older kids, about 10 and six years old, asking to play with him. She agreed. In the brief moments a man spoke to her, Shane disappeared. Glover searched the whole playground but couldn’t find him. Police again searched the housing project top to bottom as well as the surrounding area to no avail. 

Where & When It Happened: May 18, 1989, and August 10, 1989, in Harlem’s Martin Luther King, Jr. playground.

Why It Isn’t Solved: Investigators believe the two incidents are connected, but they have no further leads. Since no bodies were ever found and there were no connections to foul play discovered, police believe it is possible that both boys were taken by people who were unable to have children themselves to raise as their own.
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