Netflix’s Creepy Reboot Of Unsolved Mysteries Will Keep You Up At Night

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
There's a lot of anxiety and uncertainty in the world right now, and Netflix thought you could use just a bit more with its reboot of Unsolved Mysteries. Early last year, the streaming service announced that the creators of the original long-running series were teaming up with the producers of Stranger Things to revive the fan-favorite show, and the first trailer dropped just in time to convince us that, actually, a summer inside won't be that bad when the first six episodes drop on July 1.
The trailer, which uses the show's original music, touches on mysteries from missing persons to possible UFO abductions, and invites the viewer to solve the mystery for themselves.
"If you know something, please come out," a voice says in the preview.
The idea that the viewer may hold the key to the unsolved mystery was a big element of the original show, but in 2020 it's never been more possible. True crime's cult following, plus the sophistication of the internet, has allowed for passionate citizens to investigate open cases from the comfort of their living rooms. One success story was lead by the late Michelle McNamara, whose blog True Crime Diary and book I’ll Be Gone In the Dark shined a new light on the Golden State Killer. A suspect has finally been arrested after 30 years, partially in thanks to her work.
Unlike the original series, however, it appears Netflix's rendition of Unsolved Mysteries does not have a host. The faces of the original show were Robert Stack, Raymond Burr, and Karl Malden, and later included Virginia Madsen and Dennis Farina.
According to the reboot's initial press release, 12 episodes are expected. With the first six dropping next month, that means Netflix has parcelled out another half to look forward to. Then after that? We solve the crimes. Nothing else has gone right in 2020, but maybe we can do that.

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