The Haunting True Stories Behind Unsolved Mysteries’ 6 New Episodes

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
As promised, Unsolved Mysteries dropped Volume 2, with 6 new episodes, on Netflix. Each new chilling episode leaves viewers with the haunting question: what really happened?
From fugitives on the run for decades to a woman found dead in a hotel room with conflicting theories that she may have not been the only one in the room, the new Unsolved Mysteries episodes are truly binge-worthy. In an interview with Refinery29, co-creator Terry Dunn Meurer explained the lengths she and the rest of the team go to in order to bring viewers right into the middle of the cold cases. “I scout all the cases,” Meurer explained. “I really like being at the locations because it just gives you a real feeling for just how mysterious these cases really are.” Usually, according to Meurer, seeing the scenes for herself leads to even more questions, but the challenge of conveying the cases to an audience of armchair detectives is something she is well-versed in.
Co-creators Meurer and John Cosgrove have perfected the art of a gripping mystery. Since Unsolved Mysteries first aired in 1987, it has become a mainstay for true crime enthusiasts. Only this time, they’ve been joined by the producers of Stranger Things to bring the time-tested favorite to Netflix. 
Solving each mystery, especially in the case of disappearances and unexpected deaths, has always been the central focus of the show. To date, Unsolved Mysteries has led to resolutions in over 260 cold cases. Since the drop of the first half of this season, there have already been leads in the cases presented. Their hope is to get the cases in front of as many people as possible. “That’s why we’re very happy that Netflix is premiering Unsolved, because you can’t ask for better reach than that,” said Meurer.
The six new episodes of Unsolved Mysteries are now streaming on Netflix.

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