Meghan Markle Just Gave This ‘90s Jewelry Trend Her Stamp Of Approval

Photo: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images.

Summer is almost here, and with it, comes all of our favorite kitschy, nostalgic accessory trends: seashell jewelry, fruit-shaped handbags, rhinestone-crusted barrettes. The summertime baubles we’re most hoping will make a comeback, though, are friendship bracelets. Yes, the ones that were all the rage in summer camps circa late ‘90s. And according to Instagram, everyone’s favorite (former) royal just so happens to agree with us. 


Today, as part of Save Our Children UK’s Save with Stories initiative, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shared a rare video of their son Archie in the royal couple’s new home in Hollywood. In the video, which was recorded by Harry, Markle can be seen holding her son on her lap while she reads “Duck! Rabbit!” to him in honor of his first birthday. But while the scene alone is endearing enough, we, being fashion folk and all, couldn’t help but look beyond the family moment and notice a certain jewelry item wrapped around the Duchess of Sussex’s wrist.

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As she flipped through the pages of the book for the birthday boy, a slew of different colored beaded friendship bracelets came into view, all of which were worn casually on her right wrist. 

As a royal, we became used to seeing Meghan Markle adorned in fine jewelry. But ever since the Sussexes left Windsor Castle behind for a life in the Hollywood Hills, Markle’s fashion choices have gotten increasingly more casual. It’s all baseball caps and joggers now — and apparently, friendship bracelets, too. 

In the video, you can clearly spot one deep-green-colored beaded bracelet, another beaded style in black and white, a simple string bracelet, and a gold-and-tan bracelet that resembles the designs of Roxanne Assoulin. 


Her bracelets aren’t the only covetable aspects of her ensemble, though. For the video, Markle wore a pair of denim cut-offs with a matching denim button-down, her black hair tied in a casual bun. The only other jewelry featured was her engagement ring and her wedding band, both of which have gone through their fair share of changes since the couple tied the knot in front of the entire world back in 2018.  

One thing’s for sure: When Meghan Markle wears something, people flock to buy it, making it clear that friendship bracelets will, yet again, be a smash hit on the summer jewelry market. 

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