31 Outfits To Say Goodbye To Seasonal Depression With

After three months of cold-weather misery, March marks the first time we’ve felt anything resembling optimism while standing in front of our puffer-stuffed closets. In between patches of cold and drizzly forecasts are brief flashes of sunlight and occasional days that don’t require three layers of Heattech. It’s the month when wearing what we want finally eclipses wearing what we need, and a return of fun fashion. 

Serendipitously, March also directly follows Fashion Month, so there’s plenty in the way of fresh inspiration. The outfits coming out of Fashion Month have felt like visual oxytocin: teddy bear bucket hats and leopard print tights; tonal dressing that’ll have you seeing your tried-and-tired closet staples in new ways; and coats and jackets that are still warm, sure, but are more importantly hot. You can start thinking about ways to creatively layer again, now that you don’t have to hide everything underneath a knee-length sleeping bag coat. Also, there’s the promise of two magical words: Bare Legs.


We rounded up an outfit for you to copy for each and every day of the month. See all 31 of them by clicking through the slideshow ahead.

The silk hairscarf really tops off this look.
Bandana pants with a cow-print jacket — here's how to seamlessly pair two wild patterns.
A pantsuit in an unexpected color actually has more utility than a plain black one: Wear it to work, out to something fancy, or even on the weekend.
Didn't you hear? Adult bibs will give all your spring outfits the extra boost you're looking for.
Experiment with long lines with lengthy sleeves, platform-necessitating pants, and slouchy bags (but keep things trim with one structured piece, like a form-fitting bustier).
Dresses 👏 Over 👏 Pants 👏
Mix your caramels — the more hues, the better.
Goodbye shapeless puffers. Tailored outerwear feels exciting to us after a winter filled with fluff.
We're sensing a pattern with all of these headscarves...
The moment we've all been waiting for: The return of the bell pant.
A three-piece suit > a two-piece suit.
The 2020 update on the Dad-on-vacation look.
An avocado shoe moment.
Marabou feathers aren't just for costumes.
Double the animal print, double the fun.
A Wednesday Adams uniform, but with a slight downtown edge.
The formula is the same (structured black jacket, collared shirt, fun pants, chunky boots), but the iterations are endless.
Flower power, but something Courtney & Kurt would approve of.
Summer 2020 trend alert: tailored shorts are the new vintage cutoffs.
There's something so compelling about taking the philosophy of pajama dressing —matching cozy separates, a plush robe — and translating it for the outside world.
This suit is super-special, but we're sure you can find a version of this at your local thrift store.
If you don't have a pair of sunglasses in a warm tint...what are you doing even?
Friends that tie-dye together, stay together.
From rhinestones to chains, big belts to corsets — it's time to dress your waists like you've been doing with your necks.
A matching prairie-dress set is three outfits in one: Wear the top separately with high-waisted jeans or the bottom with a long-line cardigan. Then, wear them together when wedding season comes along and you need something dramatic to show up in.
If you pick one color, you can incorporate as many patterns as you want without it looking crazy.
This sweater speaks the truth! Everyone needs a pair of statement pants and not-basic boots.
It's time to really lean into your bag-lady tendencies.
Try layering your shirts like petals.
Next time, just buy the crazier version of the hat. Your dresses will thank you.
Midriff-bearing cardigans are quickly becoming our favorite knitwear trend.
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