You Might Need This Love Is Blind Episode & Rules Guide

If you have seen the trailers for Netflix’s new reality dating series, Love Is Blind you probably thought it looked like pure madness. You would be correct. Love Is Blind is wild, but that’s what makes it so entertaining.

Netflix already dipped its toe into the reality TV dating pool with Dating Around in 2019. Love Is Blind builds on the dating concept but also adds in elements from another recent Netflix original, The Circle. On Love Is Blind, the contestants get engaged without seeing each other. They have 28 days after they meet for the first time to decide if they want to get married. The contestants all originate from Atlanta, Georgia, and their ages range from mid twenties to mid thirties. They come from different racial, cultural, and economic backgrounds. Their engagements are based solely on their emotional connections, but after they meet they must see if their initial attraction can withstand societal expectations and other everyday issues couples face. And they decide whether or not they're meant to be... at the altar.


Hosts and real life couple Nick and Vanessa Lachey pop up from time to time to remind the contestants of their impending weddings. They also — spoiler — continuously ask the question if "love is blind" in case anyone has missed the point of the whole experiment. Love Is Blind packs a lot of drama (and maybe even love) into one season.

But since this is a new reality show, here's a breakdown of the Love Is Blind process. Keep in mind, Netflix is dropping the episodes 6-8 on February 20 and the finale on February 27. This is what we can tell you right now.

To avoid spoiling the season, this story will be updated as Netflix drops episodes throughout February.

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Episodes 1-2: Dating In The Pods

For the first two episodes of Love Is Blind, the contestant get to know each other in “pods” for 10 days. The tiny rooms are built up on a soundstage in Atlanta and are connected to each other via an opaque screen. The contestants move from pod to pod, essentially speed dating. They develop their relationships over just 10 days. The women and men return to their separate living areas at night to discuss their progress with the other contestants. 
After exchanging “I love yous,” some of the contestants propose to each other through the screen, without ever seeing their future-spouses. Only after they become engaged do the couples finally meet each other in a separate room, situated between the men's and women's living spaces. They have a quick conversation, receive their engagement rings, and start to briefly build their physical chemistry before being separated again. 

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Episodes 3-5: The Couples Go On Vacation At A Resort

After all the engagements and initial meetings are over, each couple travels to Cancun, Mexico (well, actually Playa Del Carmen, but who's counting) for a pre-honeymoon vacation. The couples spend their first night together and slowly (or quickly in some cases) see if they have physical chemistry that matches their emotional connection. Secrets are revealed, and some couples have their first arguments that could lead to their break ups.
In between going on dates and learning more about each other, hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey introduce the couples to each other. It is the first time that the men and women get to meet and talk to the people they were conversing with in the pods. The men and women also get to reunite with the contestants they lived with while going through the first stage. 

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Episodes 5-6: Couples Move In Together

After the resort, the remaining couples, who are all from Atlanta, Georgia, return to the states after their short trip. From there, they will move into neutral ground: a new apartment building.

That means that the couples can easily meet up and continue to share their feelings with each other. The brand new apartments also allow each couple to try out living together and learning each other’s habits before dealing with combining all their stuff and space.
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Episodes 7-8: The Couples Meet Friends & Family

When the contestants are in the pods and on vacation, they do not have their phones. They can finally share news of their surprise engagements with friends and families after they return to Atlanta, Georgia. The contestants meet up with their friends and families and invite them to their upcoming wedding. This is where things start to get weird.

Some relatives have reservations and aren’t accepting of the process. For some of the couples, this is the first time they will face skepticism for how they became engaged and who they are planning to marry. Family members question differences in race, while friends question things like age differences. Input from family and friends causes some couples to second guess their relationships. 

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Episode 8: The Couples Have Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

The contestants (along with some of their close friends because otherwise it would be very awkward) will have bachelor and bachelorette parties and final dates as the last step before their weddings.

Anxiety creeps in as some couples voice how unsure they are about being married in a few days. All of the couples then go on their final dates, the day before their weddings. It could be the final date for any couple that chooses to not marry the following day. Some of them use the time to resolve conflict while others continue to doubt their partners. 
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Final Episode: The Weddings

The season culminates in the most dramatic wedding ceremonies of all time. There are tears, yelling, and even multiple runaway brides. The show (cruelly) requires the contestants to get dressed in their wedding gowns and tuxedos, walk down the aisle, and announce in front of the family and friends if they are going to get married.
The couples that say “I do" are legally married (for real, folks), "proving" that love is truly blind. Those that don't, share that misery in front of their friends and family. Ouch.
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