Nick & Vanessa Lachey Are The Face Of Love Is Blind, Netflix’s Craziest Dating Experiment Yet

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
As the adage goes, love is blind — and, just in case, Nick and Vanessa Lachey are making sure. The couple, who may or may not have sent Jessica Simpson a gift, host a new Netflix series Love Is Blind, which is basically if The Circle didn't let anyone post pictures. Instead, potential couples are separated by fully opaque walls and must chat, date, and see if they can fall in love (going all the way to a proposal!) through nothing but good old fashioned conversation.
One of the first clips from the series, which premieres exclusively on Refinery29, introduces us to some of the participants and gives us a look at the dystopian set up in which they may find true love.
"If I fall in love and get engaged, it will be with someone I've never seen," 34-year-old Jessica muses to the camera. "It's crazy."
"I'm going on a series of speed dates to find my king," 36-year-old Lillie Mae says. "Because I'm a queen."
"Get that wife," 34-year-old Carlton chants to his fellow men before they step into the pods. On the other side of the wall, a woman awaits in a pod of her own.
"Day 1 of experiment," the caption reads. "37 days until weddings."
In their respective pods, equipped with candy, vodka, and notebooks, the couples get situated before getting down to business.
"It looks like a scene from Frozen," one the contestants says about a mysteriously dappled glass wall that is the only thing separating them from their date.
"Can you see anything?" another asks while pressing her hand to the glass. "Is nothing happening?"
Nope, this love is well and truly blind, and we'll learn starting February 13 if love really can overcome everything — and, most importantly, why everyone in the cast isn't wearing sweatpants while they do this. A date without makeup? Sounds like true romance to me.

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