You Might Need This Love Is Blind Episode & Rules Guide

Photo: Courtesy of netflix.
If you have seen the trailers for Netflix’s new reality dating series, Love Is Blind you probably thought it looked like pure madness. You would be correct. Love Is Blind is wild, but that’s what makes it so entertaining.
Netflix already dipped its toe into the reality TV dating pool with Dating Around in 2019. Love Is Blind builds on the dating concept but also adds in elements from another recent Netflix original, The Circle. On Love Is Blind, the contestants get engaged without seeing each other. They have 28 days after they meet for the first time to decide if they want to get married. The contestants all originate from Atlanta, Georgia, and their ages range from mid twenties to mid thirties. They come from different racial, cultural, and economic backgrounds. Their engagements are based solely on their emotional connections, but after they meet they must see if their initial attraction can withstand societal expectations and other everyday issues couples face. And they decide whether or not they're meant to be... at the altar.
Hosts and real life couple Nick and Vanessa Lachey pop up from time to time to remind the contestants of their impending weddings. They also — spoiler — continuously ask the question if "love is blind" in case anyone has missed the point of the whole experiment. Love Is Blind packs a lot of drama (and maybe even love) into one season.
But since this is a new reality show, here's a breakdown of the Love Is Blind process. Keep in mind, Netflix is dropping the episodes 6-8 on February 20 and the finale on February 27. This is what we can tell you right now.
To avoid spoiling the season, this story will be updated as Netflix drops episodes throughout February.

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