Master Holiday Dressing With These 31 Festive Looks

One holiday down, many to go. But unlike Thanksgiving, when the sheer amount of food involved makes wearing anything but stretch pants an unlikely feat, dressing for December’s many festivities requires some serious attention. From cocktail parties to formal brunches, casual potlucks to NYE extravaganzas, the number of events alone — all of which mandate a different, very specific dress code — is enough to stump even the most creative of dressers, us included. Luckily, Instagram’s growing number of style stars make finding outfit inspiration for any occasion easier than ever before. 

One problem remains, though: Between gift giving, party planning, and holiday hosting, we can barely keep our heads on straight, let alone find time to scroll through hundreds of Instagram posts. So to ensure that you win best dressed at every Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve soirée on your December social calendar, we went ahead and did the work for you. From sequin skirts and oversized knits to slinky LBDs and rhinestone heels, there’s an Insta-approved ’fit for any and every holiday occasion in the 31 looks ahead.

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Platform boots and a metallic handbag are all you need to create a holiday look worth talking about.
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All black will never go out of fashion.
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No winter look is complete without a pair of rockstar sunglasses.  These studded, cat-eye shades are universally chic: dress them up with a slip dress & long-sleeve top, or go edgy with a knit sweater tucked into a leather skirt.  Seriously, the options are endless.
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It's impossible not to love a good holiday-themed color scheme.
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Unpopular opinion: Sunglasses look cooler in the winter than they do in the summer.
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Transform your favorite summer top into a winter one by adding a black turtleneck to the mix.
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A black blazer dress and Bottegas are an unbeatable holiday dressing combination.
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Two dresses are always better than just one.
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We're green with envy over these '70s-era trousers.
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Patterned tights make winter layering fun.
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The perfect outfit for a quick transition from semi-formal event to bedtime.
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All. White. Everything.
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Take this look from day brunch to night soirée by swapping the sneakers out for heels and ditching the shirt for a bra-and-blazer combo instead.
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Black and white are an unbeatable holiday duo.
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The perfect combination of sleek and comfy.
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When it comes to dressing around the holidays, it's always best to go a tad oversized.
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The time for sweater vests is now, people. Take advantage.
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Nothing says casual winter 'fit like a cable knit sweater and slouchy trousers.
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The ideal meet-the-parent ’fit.
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A silver slip skirt will get you far during the holiday season. Quote us.
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Who knew that all we had to do to make puffers look formal was make them out of vegan leather?
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If there was ever a time for leather to shine, it'd be around the holidays.
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The perfect little silver dress.
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We love a big sleeve almost as much as we love a big earring.
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Not pictured: The giant puffer coat you'll probably need to wear on top.
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More red sequins, please!
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Gotta love a tights instead of pants look.
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The more prints, the merrier.
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We all make sacrifices when it comes to fashion. In this case, it's the warmth of your toes.
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En route to any holiday party, a centerpiece in hand and kickass winter boots in tow.
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When you have a coat as good as this one, it doesn't matter much what you're wearing underneath.
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Sometimes all you need to get through the holidays is a really bright and excentric outfit. Case in point: This animal print/metallic/sunshine yellow look.