You Have 15 New Streaming Treats To Binge This Weekend — Here’s What’s Worth Watching

Usually, any given Friday brings a storm of new Netflix content so vast it’s impossible to sit though. Friday, October 18 will see such a deluge of movies and TV shows on the streaming service. But it's is also special — it’s a streaming-wide flood of content. 

From Netflix to Amazon Prime to Hulu, there’s a buzzy new series or film — or both — hitting each and every one of these platforms. Netflix is giving subscribers double Paul Rudd, a handful of cult-favorite foreign language shows, and one horror movie bound for Twitter stardom. Hulu is premiering the biggest YA TV adaptation of the year (Looking for Alaska) and a nightmare fodder movie starring Amrmie Hammer, Zazie Beetz, and Dakota Johnson. At long last, Amazon Prime is debuting its long awaited, star-studded Modern Love


And there is still so much more to find on your favorite streaming site. It's a TV time management nightmare.

We’re here to help. These are all of today’s new streaming offerings — from Netflix to Amazon Prime and Hulu — broken down by plot, genre, and whether you should watch something immediately or skip for now. Keep reading for the lowdown on all of these streaming treats, including their trailers.

The House of Flowers, aka La Casa De Las Flores (Season 2) 

Streaming service: Netflix

What is it?: A Mexican-made telenovela for the modern day. 

What is it about?: Cleaning up the De La Mora family's ever worsening mess. When we reunite with the Casa clan, they have lost their flower shop, their drag cabaret, and their matriarch, Virgina (Verónica Castro). Plus, the eldest De la Mora sibling is living all the way in Spain. What’s a telenovela to do but get the gang back together and see the sparks fly? 

 See or skip?: See. Netflix has a handful of Spanish-language hits. House of Flowers is one of its most fun.

Baby (Season 2) 

Streaming service: Netflix

What is it?: A controversial Italian-language YA show

What is it about?: In Baby season 1, protagonists Chiara (Alice Pagani) and Ludo (Benedetta Porcaroli) play at the grave reality of underage sex work like a game. Season 2 forces the girls into the harsh reality of entering into business with ruthless crime lords. Still, there’s plenty of teenage flirting along the way. Baby is a whiplash-inducing series. 

See or skip?: Skip. The greatest crime a Netflix teen show can commit is being boring. Baby is one of the few that’s actually guilty of this. Either wait for Daybreak to come crashing into your life next week or watch Elite again instead

Looking for Alaska (Season 1) 

Streaming service: Hulu

What is it?: Aching teen angst made television. 

What is it about?: Adapting John Green’s 2005 novel of the same name. Looking for Alaska  — penned by Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage — follows the snarky, prank-happy outcasts of an Alabama boarding school called Culver Creek. The series' core friend group is made up of Southern manic pixie dream girl Alaska Young (The Society's Kristine Froseth), no-nonsense Chip “The Colonel” Martin (Denny Love), unfailingly pragmatic Takumi (Jay Lee), and floppy-haired new boy Miles Halter (Charlie Plummer) 

This group’s school is no Constance Billard. It looks and feels like a sleepaway camp with its muddy creeks, bungalow dorm rooms, and eternal humidity. Despite the seemingly carefree visuals of Alaska, the series is a march towards apparent tragedy. The countdown calendar to something  at the close of every episode promises viewers as much. 

See or skip?: Looking For Alaska is slow, devoid of any Upper East Sad glamour, and fundamentally sad. If you understand those facts and can embrace them along with all the teen drama, binge away.

Living With Yourself (Season 1) 

Streaming service: Netflix

What is it?: Double Paul Rudd. 

What is it about?: Hating yourself. Rudd leads Living With Yourself as Miles, a very nice, bland man, and also another Miles, the first Miles’ nearly exact copy. The thing about second Miles is that he’s just a little bit better than the first Miles. That detail is precisely annoying enough to push an entirely too comfortable Miles Prime to extremes he never thought possible. 

See or skip?: Netflix may just lean on the inherent charms of Paul Rudd a tad too hard in Living With Yourself. You can skip and watch any Wet Hot American Summer iteration instead to remember the joys of Rudd. 

Modern Love (season 1) 

Streaming service: Amazon Prime 

What is it?: An anthology romance in This Is Us packaging. 

What is it about?: Taking the New York Times’ legendary “Modern Love” column and turning it into an Amazon Prime show. As a true anthology, every episode of Modern Love follows a different story, including a gay couple adopting a baby from a very unlikely woman to a match-making app CEO’s own messy romantic life. Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, and Dev Patel are some of the famous faces who appear over Modern Love’s eight episodes. 

See or skip?: See, if you’re okay knowing every single Modern Love episode inevitably veers towards a saccharine conclusion. It’s chicken soup for the lovelorn soul with famous people.  


Streaming service: Hulu

What is it?: A movie with too many bugs. 

What is it about?: Putting Armie Hammer, Dakota Johnson, and Zazie Beetz on our screen. Hammer leads as Will, a good-times bartender with a live-in girlfriend named Carrie (Johnson). Will also can’t help but flirt with Beetz’s Alicia, a regular at his bar. 

Things quickly devolve from this earthy love triangle into abject, grizzly psychological terror when Will picks up a phone left at his watering hole. Soon enough he’s seeing gaping wounds in his armpit and his girlfriend can’t stop staring at creepy screensavers. Oh and there are roaches everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. What’s real? What’s imagined? And what the hell is wrong with that phone? 

See or skip?: See, if you’re looking for a night in with a low-stakes spooky movie filled with gorgeous people. Just be prepared for the bugs.


Streaming service: Netflix

What is it?: Your Haunting of Hill House fix. A reason to see Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink outside of Hawkins.

What is it about?: Eli (Charlie Shotwell), a boy with an autoimmune disease. Eli and his parents (Kelly Reilly and Max Martini) move to a sterile home/clinic for his treatment by a supposedly expert doctor. Unfortunately that doctor is played by Lili Taylor, who perfected the role of malevolent authority figure with a terrifying agenda in another Netflix spookfest, Chambers. Lili Taylor is back to her old tricks as Eli’s Dr. Isabella Horn. 

Quickly, Eli’s last shot at a healthy life turns into a nightmare of gurgling apparitions, body horror, and family drama. At least Sadie Sink is there to slip Eli some clues as Haley, the strange girl who visits Eli from the outside world. Start taking bets right now on whether Haley is real or not. 

See or skip?: See! Now this is your spooky season flick.

Seventeen, aka Diecisiete 

Streaming service: Netflix

What is it?: A Spanish-language tear-jerker and dramedy. 

What is it about?: A 17-year-old boy named Héctor (Biel Montoro), who starts caring for a dog while inside of a juvenile detention center. When the dog is adopted, Héctor escapes to find his furry friend. Surprise — this is A Dog Movie.

On the journey to find his dog, Héctor manages to reconcile with his estranged brother (Nacho Sánchez) and dying grandmother (Lola Cordón). 

See or skip?: See if you feel like you need to keep crying after Modern Love


Unnatural Selection (Season 1) 

Streaming service: Netflix

What is it?: A new way to scare yourself about the future (and the present). 

What is it about?: All the ways high-tech gene editing is changing the world today — and all the ways it could go horribly wrong. 

See or skip?: See if another harsh Netflix docuseries like Rotten didn’t ruin the way you viewed the world. Otherwise you can safely skip and be able to sleep at night.

Interior Design Masters (Season 1) 

Streaming service: Netflix

What is it?: America’s Next Top model — but for interior design. And British. 

What is it about?: Ten ordinary people with the dream of becoming world-class interior designers. This competition series will find out who actually has enough talent to be on top. 

See or skip?: See if you desperately miss NBC’s Making It.

Toon (Seasons 1 & 2) 

Streaming service: Netflix

What is it?: A quirky Dutch comedy. 

What is it about?: Toon Visser (Joep Vermolen), a painfully shy jingle writer who can’t stop accidentally becoming famous. First, he trips his way into viral video music stardom. Then, in a season 2, he makes it big as a YouTube gamer.

Prepare to watch the wildly awkward Toon stumble through the spotlight.  

See or skip?: See when you want to feel very cool in the face of your own social fumbles.

Tell Me Who I Am

Streaming service: Netflix

What is it?: A dark family documentary. 

What is it about?: Twin brothers Marcus and Alex Lewis. After a terrible accident, Alex suffered complete amnesia, leaving him to rely on his twin for a full explanation of his life. Marcus painted an idyllic picture of a perfectly happy and average family life. However, decades later, Alex learns Marcus lied. 

See or skip?: If you watched fellow Netflix family doc Evelyn and wished it was more of a thriller — this one is for you. However, be advised the Lewis family secret may be deeply triggering for some. 

Avlu (Season 1)


Streaming service: Netflix

What is it?: Another women in prison drama

What is it about?: A mother’s trip behind bars after an intense domestic confrontation. Now she is desperate to stay alive — and protect her daughter. 

Although Orange Is the New Black is our touchstone women’s prison series, Avlu is actually the Turkish adaptation of Australian hit Wentworth

See or skip?: See if Vis a Vis didn’t satiate your Orange thirst. Or if you loved Wentworth. Otherwise you can skip.


Streaming service: Netflix

What is it?: A bilingual Hindi/English drama. 

What is it about?: Three friends who begin a medical-focused start-up to help the poor while also becoming very, very rich. As The Social Network can tell you, that kind of success erodes souls and friendships in the blink of an eye. 

See or skip?: You can skip without guilt.

MeatEater (Season 8) 

Streaming service: Netflix

What is it?: The answer to what a Bear Grylls show would look like if it was led by an American hunter. -
What is it about?: Steven Rinella, a conversationalist and podcaster, who spends his time traveling the world to meet like minded hunters. Together they hunt and cook what they kill. 

See or skip?: MeatEater has really beautiful cinematography. But if you can’t bear to watch people shoot at animals in the wild for 22 minutes, skip.
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