You Have To See How Much The Hills Cast Has Changed Since 2006

The year was 2006: Songs only cost $.99 on iTunes, Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf planet, A Million Little Pieces was kicked out of Oprah Winfrey's book club, and Lauren Conrad moved out of her parents' waterfront home in Laguna Beach to start her life in L.A. There, The Hills was born.

While Pluto's planetary demotion still stands, the rest of our world looks really different 13 years later. Apple is kicking iTunes to the curb, for one. However, if you're feeling nostalgic, there are some things from 2006 that are coming back with a fresh face. Case in point: MTV is officially rebooting its popular reality show as The Hills: New Beginnings on June 24.


The 20-something cast we once knew has since grown up, gotten married, and had kids. What's more, every cast member ditched their noughties style — and we can barely recognize them. Ahead, we tracked just how much The Hills cast has changed since the show first aired. Check out their individual evolutions, ahead.

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Heidi Montag: Then

Back in ‘06, Montag exuded Cali-girl vibes with her golden blonde hair and barefaced glow.
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Heidi Montag: Now

Unlike some of her Hills co-stars, Montag ditched her old look years ago. Around the second season of the show, Montag began bleaching her hair a brighter shade of blonde, and it's been her signature look ever since.
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Audrina Patridge: Then

After watching Patridge on The Hills, we were convinced we needed to dye our hair brown with box dye, buy a flat iron, and invest in charcoal eyeliner. Unlike her friends on the show, Patridge didn't work in fashion, but in music, giving her style a different edge — and we loved it.
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Audrina Patridge: Now

Patridge’s eyeliner has remained as dramatic as ever — although, it now lives closer to her top lashline rather than smudged below. She's also lightened up her naturally dark hair, serving as proof that the blonde balayage is officially back.
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Whitney Port: Then

Back then, Port was Lauren Conrad’s coworker while interning at Teen Vogue, and she was one of the most laid-back members of the cast, wearing very little makeup on camera — well, except when she spent her Saturday nights at Les Deux.
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Whitney Port: Now

Fast-forward 13 years and Port looks exactly as she did back then. The only difference: She’s grown out her natural roots and upped her makeup game by adding a bit of bronzer and tinted lip balm to her routine.
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Mischa Barton: Then

You may be wondering WTF is Mischa Barton doing here? But it sort of makes sense: Laguna Beach, the show that birthed The Hills, was inspired by The O.C., the fictional teen drama that made Barton famous. While Barton only played an Orange County native on screen, her sun-kissed highlights and freckled skin surely fit the role.
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Mischa Barton: Now

As she joins the cast for the first time, Barton — someone who has never watched The Hills — is prepared to blend right in. Just take a look at her creamy highlights, neutral manicure, and I’m-here-to-cause-drama smirk.
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Kristin Cavallari: Then

In 2006, Cavallari was a recent high school graduate, rocking the kind of tan that only comes from a Spring Break trip to Cabo and a bright-blonde bob all the cool girls desperately wanted. She didn't appear on The Hills until the final two seasons, but that doesn't mean we weren't trying to copy her look until then.
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Kristin Cavallari: Now

Unfortunately, Cavallari is contractually obligated to another showher own! On E! — so she won’t be on The Hills reboot. That doesn't really matter though, because we'll never stop admiring that West Coast glow.
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Lauren Conrad: Then

In 2006, Conrad had just landed her first fashion internship, ironed her clothes with a flat iron, and didn’t go to Paris. She also rocked thinner brows, bronde highlights, and patent leather headbands like they were going out of style.
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Lauren Conrad: Now

Conrad passed on returning to The Hills due to her busy schedule, which includes designing a fashion line at Kohl’s, having a second baby, and producing a new podcast. Hills or no Hills, we'll continue begging our stylist to give us Conrad's shoulder-grazing lob.
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