A Guide To Grand Hotel's Many Wild, Sexy, Murder-y Mysteries

Welcome to Grand Hotel, a series filled with a nearly impossible number of hot people. And, all of those individuals are hiding dark secrets. The brand-new primetime soap, premiering Monday, June 17, is peak summer TV. Not only is the Eva Longoria-produced drama set in the sweltering Miami heat, it follows ABC's beloved seasonal favorite, The Bachelorette.

Honestly, reigning summer whodunit Big Little Lies might get a little bit jealous of the telenovela adaptation. Grand Hotel sees BLL's single — now-solved — mystery, and raises it about 30 more hanging questions. From the jump, there's the mystery of what really happened to Sky Garibaldi (Arielle Kebbel), a line cook at Grand's luxurious Riviera Grand Hotel. One minute, Sky is sharing a war of words with Gigi Mendoza (Roselyn Sanchez), the lady of the hotel. The next, Sky is being dragged off to never be seen again.


And, as fans learn in the final minutes of Grand Hotel's pilot, Sky's brother Danny (Lincoln Younes), has arrived in Miami to figure out who hurt his sister.

We're left wondering whom Danny will ferret out, what Danny's deal is in the first place, and many more questions that spiral out of all this intrigue (many of which one could easily miss). That's why we made an easy to follow guide to the many mysteries lurking around every corner of the Riviera. Here's what's really happening at Miami's hottest fictional hotel.

What did Sky steal?

Grand Hotel opens as a gigantic hurricane takes Miami. Gigi Mendoza, second wife of Santiago Mendoza (Oscar-nominee Demián Bichir), takes this opportunity to confront Sky about something she has taken. The pilot is purposefully opaque about what Sky absconded with. All we know is that the pilfered item could bring Santiago down.

“You can’t touch me,” Sky tells Gigi. “Unless, of course, you want the entire world to know what your husband did.”

Is it evidence of a crime committed? A damning letter? Unflattering photos? Whatever it is, it may just be worth killing over, considering one of Grand Hotel’s other great mysteries…

The real answer: Still a mystery.
Who attacked Sky Garibaldi?

Seconds after Sky meets with Gigi, she ends up running out of the hotel — and directly into the storm — terrified someone is chasing her. Once Sky is knocked out by hurricane-tossed debris, her fears are confirmed. A mystery person, who seems to be wearing dark pants, a dark shirt, and dress shoes, drags her off. Although Sky was definitely attacked, it’s possible she is still alive. On a show like this, no body means no death.

We do know it’s likely Sky was abducted due to whatever she knows about Santiago. However, it’s impossible Santiago himself kidnapped Sky since he was hosting the hurricane party in the ballroom. It’s also unlikely Gigi was the culprit, since she was last seen upstairs in the penthouse in a beautiful white jumpsuit and heels. Someone as glamorous as Gigi definitely didn’t have time to change, follow Sky, and carry her off.

Whoever did take the chef must also have high-ranking Riviera powers since Sky’s keycard, as we see in the pilot, was deactivated. It’s that move that forces Sky outside into the storm, and right into the clutches of her kidnapper.

The real answer: Still a mystery. One of the only people who could answer that question — concierge Nelson (Matt Shively) — is dead.
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Who does Santiago actually owe?

The initial tension of Grand Hotel is the imminent purchase of the Riviera by an outside conglomerate. Lead character Alicia Mendoza (Denyse Tontz) learns at the end of the episode the sale is not Gigi’s petty scheme — as Alicia assumes — but Santiago's idea. Santiago owes a major debt to someone, and that someone isn’t a bank. Instead, the lender is Mateo’s (Shalim Ortiz) true employer. Apparently, Santiago’s so-called right-hand man is at the Riviera to ensure Santiago makes his payments.

But, as Alicia asks, who is the shadowy entity her family owes? Right now the answer is unclear, but a betting woman would put her money on organized crime. As Riverdale proves, the answer is always the mob.

The real answer: Still a mystery.
Is the Santiago-Mateo mystery directly connected to the Sky mystery?

It seems clear that the item Sky stole is somehow connected to Santiago’s less-than-savory dealings. Mateo’s pilot-ending comments about Alicia asking questions around Sky’s disappearance certainly suggest he knows a lot about the situation.

But, considering just how obvious this connection seems, what if it’s wrong? What if the Sky problem and Santiago's Mateo deal are totally separate? Especially since, as we learn in “You’ve Got Blackmail,” it's Yoli (Justina Adorno) who had a personal relationship with Sky.

The real answer: Still unclear. But, “Blackmail” confirms Matteo isn’t the one who hurt Sky and he has no idea what happened to her. Rather, Matteo quashed the investigation into Sky’s disappearance to protect the hotel and then killed Nelson to keep those secrets hidden.
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Who is Danny talking to on the phone?

At the end of the Grand Hotel premiere, Danny confirms he is Sky Garibaldi's brother. He announces as much after checking his phone following his packed first few days at the Riviera Grand. Due to all the pool flirting, drink spilling, and scheming, Danny missed seven calls from someone. He phones the person back, demanding they never call again during his undercover stint in Miami.

“No matter what they say,” he tells the person on the other side of the line. “One of these people did something to my sister. And I’m going to find them.”

So who knows Danny’s secret? It can’t be another sibling since he said “my sister” instead of “our sister.” Is Danny speaking to another family member? Or, maybe a detective?

The real answer: His girlfriend, Heather (Elizabeth McLaughlin), who is desperately waiting for Danny to come home. She is totally in the dark about his budding romance with Alicia.
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How did Javi lose his leg?

When we meet Javi Mendoza (Bryan Craig), he’s in bed with one very pleased woman. When the woman says — rather than asks — Javi lost his leg due to cancer, he goes with the assumption. Then, when a different would-be paramour asks how Javi lost his leg, he claims it happened while he was protecting a school in Afghanistan.

Obviously, neither of these are the truth. So, what is?

The real answer: Still a mystery.
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How did Beatriz really die?

Alicia and Javi’s mom, Beatriz Mendoza (executive producer Eva Longoria), is dead. The Riviera Grand was her hotel before it ever belonged to her husband Santiago. After Beatriz’s death, her widower married her best friend, Gigi. Now, no one talks about the exact circumstances around Beatriz's death, but something suspicious definitely went down.

As we see in the season 1 trailer, Gigi eventually tells Alicia she didn’t know her mom “at all.” So, is Beatriz's death much shadier than anyone could have ever guessed? Could she still be alive? After all, this is a primetime telenovela — and there’s nothing more telenovela than a loved one returning from the dead.

The real answer: Still a mystery.

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