Grand Hotel's Cast Includes An Oscar Nominee & A High School Musical Alum

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ABC's newest summer soap, Grand Hotel, follows the inner workings of a luxurious Miami Beach hotel — and it has a lot more in common with Downton Abbey than you'd realize from the salacious marketing. The Crowleys these are not.
The series is, at its heart, a classic upstairs/downstairs story about the people living in and running the Riviera Grand Hotel in Miami Beach — which today's TV audiences will recognize most immediately from the British aristocratic drama. Grand Hotel, however, is actually based on the Spanish TV drama Gran Hotel, an upstairs/downstairs story set in 1900s Spain.
The ABC series, produced by Eva Longoria (who also plays a key recurring role), is set in the last family-owned hotel in Miami Beach, where the Mendoza family — patriarch Santiago, his second wife Gigi, and their four adult children — tries to keep their business afloat while burying plenty of secrets.
The first episode takes place months after the mysterious disappearance of one of the hotel's workers, as one of Gig's daughters plans to marry the son of a prominent family — but the wedding doesn't turn out as planned, and a new hire at the hotel has an ulterior motive in his new position.
Filmed at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel, the candy-colored aesthetic of the series belies the dark secrets each person is hiding. Meet the main cast of ABC's Grand Hotel.
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Roselyn Sánchez Plays Gigi Mendoza

Santiago's second wife, Gigi, is the mother to twentysomething twin daughters and wants to help her husband maintain the Riviera Grand Hotel's prominence. She's played by Sánchez, who starred in the Longoria-produced Devious Maids on Lifetime, as well as CBS procedural Without a Trace, and films including Rush Hour 2 and Act of Valor. She did her soap time on As the World Turns, and was also nominated for a Latin Grammy for the first single from her debut album, Borinqueña.
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Shalim Ortiz Plays Mateo

One of the Riviera Grand's top employees is hiding secrets of his own. He's played by Ortiz, who you'll recognize as one of Heroes' super-powered twins, or in the telenovelas Una Maid en Manhattan, Señora Acero, or La Piloto.
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Feliz Ramirez Plays Carolina

Ramirez plays Carolina, one of Gigi's twin daughters. Grand Hotel is her first big role, having appeared on screen the CBS drama Bull and in the film Better Off Single (with Aaron Tveit and Abby Elliott).
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Chris Warren Plays Jason Parker

He’s all grown up now, but Javi’s BFF and second-generation Riviera Grand worker Jason (whose mom runs the behind-the-scenes staff) is played by the actor you’ll recognize as High School Musical’s Zeke, who also recurred on The Fosters as Ty Hensdale.
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Bryan Craig Plays Javi Mendoza

Soap veteran Craig has won two Daytime Emmys for his role as Morgan Corinthos on General Hospital. After his time in Port Charles, the 27-year-old recurred as a special forces sergeant on The CW's military drama Valor before landing his role as Santiago's amputee son, Javi. (He's not an amputee in real, life, BTW, but he has done plenty of research for the role.)
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Demián Bichir Plays Santiago Mendoza

The Riviera Grand's owner, Santiago Mendoza, is father to a grown son and daughter with his first wife, Beatriz. He's played by Mexican actor Bichir, who trained in the theater and is familiar to American audiences from TV shows like Weeds, where he played Nancy Botwin's politician/drug lord boyfriend, or The Bridge, where he played a Mexican detective investigating the a murder whose victim was discovered on a bridge between El Paso and Juárez. He was nominated for an Oscar for his role in the 2011 film A Better Life.
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Justina Adorno Plays Yoli

Gigi's other daughter, Yoli, is jealous of the way her sister seemingly floats through life. She's played by Adorno, who had a recurring role in the Netflix drama Seven Seconds before landing her role on Grand Hotel.
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Wendy Raquel Robinson Plays Mrs. P

The Game star Robinson plays Mrs. P, Jason’s mom and the woman in charge of the domestic staff at the Riviera Grand. She’s also appeared in many pivotal ‘90s and ‘00s pop culture staples, including The Steve Harvey Show, Miss Congeniality, and Two Can Play That Game. She's also Cruella de Vil in Disney’s The Descendants.
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Lincoln Younes Plays Danny

The Riviera Grand's newest waiter is actually the brother of the hotel's missing employee who goes undercover to try to figure out what happened to his sister. Danny is played by Australian actor Younes, who did a stint on Australian soap Home and Away and the witness protection drama Hiding before heading stateside for Grand Hotel.
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Denyse Tontz Plays Alicia Mendoza

The 24-year-old kids' TV veteran — you'll recognize her from Big Time Rush, Dog With a Blog, or, more recently, The Fosters — plays Santiago's daughter, Alicia, who becomes more involved in the family business. Tontz has also starred on All My Children and the Matt Damon- and Ben Affleck-produced Syfy series Incorporated. She's also got a music career on the side, releasing singles including "Better Than Nothing" and "United States of Anxiety." In 2014, she won a Daytime Emmy for the original song "Parachute," which she wrote for All My Children.
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Jencarlos Canela Plays El Rey

Canela, who plays the Pitbull-inspired musician El Rey, is also a veteran of a Longoria-produced series, the short-lived NBC comedy Telenovela. He’s a musician in his own right, as well as a veteran of telenovelas like Pasión Prohibida and A Chance to Love.
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Anne Winters Plays Ingrid

Hotel maid Ingrid is hiding secrets of her own — namely, she's pregnant, and the father isn't necessarily who you'd expect (or who she tells people it is). She's played by Winters, who you'll recognize from the FX drama Tyrant, the short-lived ABC murder drama Wicked City, or as high school it girl Chloe in season 2 of 13 Reasons Why.

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