Every Moody, Swoony Song From Trinkets' Soundtrack

Netflix has been putting together some stellar soundtracks for its original series like When They See Us and Russian Doll. Netflix's new teen drama Trinkets features some great songs, but it sets itself apart by having a musician sing their original music! Katrina Cunningham, stage name Kat Cunning, performs her original songs as singer Sabine. Trinkets' soundtrack also has the distinction of including songs that the leads Elodie (Brianna Hildebrand), Tabitha (Quintessa Swindell), and Moe (Kiana Madeira) would likely listen to.

The new Netflix show tells the story of three high school girls who come from different social cliques, but bond after a Shopper’s Anonymous meeting. The music in the series helps further express the girls’ emotions when they are together and when they are dealing with separate issues in their lives by themselves. The girls even mention in an episode how they have a shared playlist and introduce each other to new music. (Netflix should release it!)


Viewers will definitely hear a few songs by a few of their favorite bands while also discovering some new tracks along the way while the binge watch the teen drama series. Keep a tab open with this list of all the songs that can be heard in each episode of Trinkets as you watch.

Episode 1: Metric, “Dressed to Suppress”

This is the perfect song to kick off the series which begins from Elodie’s perspective. Compared to Tabitha and Moe, Elodie is much more reserved and is keeping a traumatic experience to herself. She is definitely suppressing her sense of loss and loneliness.

Episode 1: Carl Carlton, “Everlasting Love”

Of course a show about three teenagers in high school is going to involve a lot of romance. Elodie, Tabitha and Moe all have romantic interests in the series but not all of them deserve to be called an “Everlasting Love.”

Episode 1: Chastity Belt, “Different Now”

This song perfectly sums of Tabitha’s character with the lines “All those little things that keep you up at night/ You should take some time to figure out your life.” She is quietly struggling with an abusive relationship and is she doesn’t have anyone to confide in.

Episode 1: The xx, “Dangerous”

This song could be applied to Tabitha’s relationship, but it also doubles as a description for the girls’ addiction to shoplifting. They are “reckless” but the theft takes their minds off their personal problems, so they continue doing it.

Episode 1: The Helio Sequence, “The Measure”

The first episode of the series provides the building blocks of the girls’ connection to each other. This song represents the distance between them slowly fading away as they develop their friendship.

Episode 2: Snail Mail, “Thinning”

This is another song that helps convey the loneliness each of the girls feel and their desire to escape that feeling through shoplifting.

Episode 2: Graveyard Club, “Cellar Door”

“Here I hide myself again/ I thought the world would understand,” the band sings. Tabitha has a secret Instagram account in the series that she uses to express her deepest thoughts, but she does it privately because she continues to hide true self from the world.

Episode 2: All Dogs, “That Kind Of Girl”

This song sums up Moe’s character. She states multiple times that people expect nothing from her because of her father’s criminal background. The song also hints at why she hides her relationship with Noah from everyone.

Episode 2: Black Belt Eagle Scout, “Soft Stud”

Luka and Tabitha have a forbidden love dynamic that can be heard in the lyrics of this song. It is clear from their first encounter that they have chemistry, but Tabitha’s relationship with her abusive boyfriend is holding her back.

Episode 2: Black Belt Eagle Scout, “I Don’t Have You In My Life”

Another song by Black Belt Eagle Scout, this song also relates to Luka and Tabitha’s undeniable chemistry with each other.

Episode 2: Black Belt Eagle Scout, “Just Lie Down”

This is the third and final song used by this band in the series. The song sets the mood for the club where Luka works which will be the spot where both Tabitha and Elodie connect with their crushes.

Episode 2: Frankie Simone, “War Paint”

“Don’t be yourself be someone else, wannabe, wannabe,” Simone sings. A huge message of this series is finding oneself and determining who to be which of course represents a struggle many high school students face.

Episode 2: Dum Dum Girls, “Coming Down”

While Tabitha and Luka have a connection that they don’t speak about to each other, Moe and Noah have a private, intimate relationship that no one else knows about. This song shows how Noah and Moe both want more but keep their relationship strictly physical.

Episode 3: Tender, “Erode”

This song is about one person in relationship pulling the other person down, forcing them to suffer together. The lyrics relate to Tabitha and Brady because his continued abused toward her is making her feel like she is disappearing.

Episode 3: STRFKR, “Open Your Eyes”

“Open Your Eyes” is another song that expresses how Moe and Noah are having a strictly physical relationship because Moe fears having anything deeper.

Episode 3: Warpaint, “So Good”

In this episode, Elodie, Moe, and Tabitha are supposed to be with the rest of their classmates doing community service but instead they sneak off to a sex toy shop. This is the perfect sexy song to play while they browse the store and attempt to shoplift.

Episode 3: Caroline Rose, “Soul No. 5”

This is another great song to play in the background of Elodie, Moe, and Tabitha’s sex shop raid as their talk about sexuality and try on lingerie.

Episode 3: LoneLady, “Groove It Out”

This song contains the lyrics “I touched the mirror and go inwards/ Eyes an illusion optical.” It plays when Moe and Tabitha are pushing Elodie to share more information about her fake girlfriend Zoey. Elodie is putting on an “illusion” of the person she wants Moe and Tabitha to think she is, but eventually she tells them the truth.

Episode 3: Eleanor Friedberger, “Make Me a Song”

“Make Me a Song” places during the final moments of the episode and during the end credits. The lyrics that stand out are “And the heart to know your fears, so fear it/ There’s no hiding here.” Moe, Elodie, and Tabitha are at the stage in their newfound friendship where they are starting to open up and aren’t afraid to show who they really are to each other. This sound connects the development of their friendship in this episode to how it further grows in episode four.

Episode 4: Colouring, “Time”

This episode is all about Tabitha turning 17 and breaking up with Brady after she realizes she doesn’t want to have a relationship like her parents. It is fitting that this song plays to represent Tabitha becoming older and also recognizing she doesn’t want to waste any more time with Brady.

Episode 4: Bob Moses, “Back Down (Hayden James Remix (Edit))”

This song is also a background track during the scenes with Tabitha’s birthday party. Like the previous song, it reiterates Tabitha’s needs to cut off her toxic relationship with Brady for good and, as the song says, “Never going back never going back now.”

Episode 4: Gengahr, “Atlas Please”

“Atlas Please” plays a few scenes after Elodie shows Moe her secret stash of stolen items she keeps below her bed and when she opens up about her relationship with her dad. This song is about breaking free and keeping “demons” at bay which relates to Elodie needing to free herself from what happened in Albuquerque.

Episode 4: Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, “Salt in the Wound”

To manage the pressure to keep up the appearance that her relationship is perfect in front of her parents, Tabitha starts self-medicating with alcohol during her party. This decision only makes the situation worse as if she was pouring “salt in the wound.”

Episode 4: Evalyn, “A Pill to Crush”

The singer in this song is pleading for clarity and a way to eliminate their pain. This represents Tabitha’s experience at her birthday party as she breaks up with Brady.

Episode 4: U.S. Girls, “Poem”

When this song is heard, Tabitha shoplifts from a convenience store after her party. This song mentions a “lawless” night which Tabitha is experiencing by caving into her theft addiction.

Episode 4: Exitmusic, “Criminal”

The episode ends with Moe, Tabitha, and Elodie meeting up together, and Tabitha sharing how conflicted she feels. Then she checks her phone and sees that Brady has committed a “criminal” act, which we be revealed in the following episode, to get revenge for their breakup.

Episode 5: Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, “Bite the Hand”

The fifth episode opens with Tabitha crying in the bathroom when she sees that Brady signed into her Instagram account and basically posted revenge porn. “Bite the Hand” repeats the lines “I can’t love you how you want me to” which is how Tabitha feels toward Brady and why he maliciously responds by trying to hurt her.

Episode 5: Princess Nokia, “Kitana”

If you are need of a new pick me up track, this is the perfect song! Moe, Tabitha, and Elodie decide to break into Brady’s locker so they can get his keys and Tabitha’s watch. “Kitana” blasts as each of the girls does her part to help steal the car keys.

Episode 5: St. Vincent, “Fast Slow Disco”

This song is played as Moe, Tabitha, and Elodie steal a car and belt out the lyrics. It’s a defining moment that shows how far their friendship has come.

Episode 6: Tirzah, “Say When”

This episode is the first time the audience sees a full flashback of Elodie’s last car ride with her mom before the accident. She turns the song up on the radio and the line “say when you know” repeats.” The lyrics relate to Elodie’s guilt that she could’ve prevented her mother’s death.

Episode 6: Kaskade, BROHUG, Mr. Tape, “Fun (feat. Madge)”

Moe arrives at school and sees Brady having to drive a new, less fancy car. This track is a call to the mischievous activities Moe, Tabitha, and Elodie participated in last episode.

Episode 6: Wampire, “Bad Attitude”

Moe sees that her dad is calling her from prison and it immediately switches her mood for the rest of the episode. She takes it out on Noah, creating tension in their relationship.

Episode 6: Bleached, “Desolate Town”

“Desolate Town” plays during one of Elodie’s many compulsive shoplifting sprees. She is preoccupied with thoughts of her mother’s death which is making her feel isolated from the world.

Episode 6: Bloods, “Feelings”

When Elodie first sees Sabine’s merchandise displayed in the club where Luka works, this song plays in the background. It is a nod to the overwhelming feelings Elodie experiences during her first encounter with Sabine.

Episode 6: Kat Cunning, “The King of Shadow”

This haunting song helps further introduce Sabine, Cunning’s character, to the series. She performs the piece on stage and captivates Elodie.

Episode 7: Telekinesis, “Sleep In”

The episode begins with this song as Moe, Eloide, and Tabitha are in a rideshare car heading to a house party Luka and Sabine are throwing.

Episode 7: Mk.Gee, “Over Here”

Elodie mentions that she put this song on a playlist for Moe and Tabitha to listen to and feels proud that they actually did. The track continues to play as they arrive at the party and look around.

Episode 7: Sugarplum Fairies, “Malta Smile 55”

This song is one of the many background party tracks that is heard at Luka and Sabine’s house party.

Episode 7: Toro Y Moi, “Freelance”

This song beings with “walk on the water” which is how Moe, Tabitha, and Elodie are feeling after taking some drugs given to them at the party.

Episode 7: Dream Wife, “Hey Heartbreaker”

Elodie and Sabine briefly meet up and dance at the party to this song. It serves as a warning to the audience that Elodie should not become involved with Sabine.

Episode 7: Jess Ribeiro, “The Wild”

Like Elodie, Tabitha is also being flirtatious at this party. She constantly locks eyes with Luka throughout the night and then finally speak to each other when this song plays.

Episode 7: Pillar Point, “Dove”

This song mentions experiencing a shipwreck. Moe is making out with a random guy at the party when this song plays which represents how she is the process of wrecking her relationship with Noah.

Episode 7: Loch Lomond, “Elephants and Little Girls”

At the end of the episode, Moe confesses to Elodie and Tabitha that she doesn’t have a shoplifting problem. Elodie and Tabitha are upset that Moe and the two of them walk away from her as this song plays.

Episode 8: Anna Burch, “Tea Soaked Letter”

Since there was a strain in the friendship, the girls spend most of this episode separate. First up is Elodie and this song hints at her spending time with Sabine later on.

Episode 8: The Spinanes, “Hawaiian Baby”

Elodie meets Sabine at a coffee shop after her exams. Sabine shares her earbuds with Elodie and this song is playing, which Elodie correctly names.

Episode 8: Claire George, “Second Guesses”

Another hint that Elodie should not trust Sabine! The songstress has Elodie “second guess” her better judgement when she convinces the high school student to steal in a small, secured clothing store.

Episode 8: Phoebe Bridgers, “Motion Sickness”

As the episode switches to Moe’s point of view, this track plays. Moe sees Tabitha, Elodie, and Noah and feels disconnected from all of them.

Episode 8: Smerz, “Because”

By this point in the episode, Moe and Noah have reunited after she helps take him to the hospital when he injures himself. This track can be heard in the background as they share a few kisses.

Episode 8: Annie Hart, “Hard To Be Still”

Tabitha’s storyline this episode mainly focuses on her growing relationship with Luka. This song is about a deep connection between two people which obviously relates to Tabitha and Luka.

Episode 8: Lala Lala, “Siren 042 (feat. WHY)”

As Tabitha drives home, she reminisces about her day with Luka while this song plays.

Episode 9: Ages and Ages, “I'm Moving”

“You know that it’s all so scripted outside,” the singer croons in the song. It plays right before Moe admits to the Shoplifters Anonymous group that she has been pretending to be one of them but now she wants to be honest.

Episode 9: Tirzah, “Holding On”

This track can be heard when Elodie agonizes over not being able to see Sabine because she is grounded. It also plays when Moe decides to go visit her dad, but he isn’t home.

Episode 9: Slow Corpse, “Run It”

When Moe decides to not wait for her dad to return, she walks away and this song briefly plays.

Episode 9: Miya Folick, “Trouble Adjusting”

The title for this song relates to Tabitha and her mother trying to figure out the new dynamic of their home life after her father temporarily moves out of the house. It also plays when Elodie shoplifts during the school market event.

Episode 9: Makthaverskan, “Outshine”

Despite the tension in their relationship, Elodie turns to Moe and Tabitha for help when she can’t find her little brother. This song plays as they search the school grounds trying to locate him.

Episode 10: Haley Heynderickx, “Oom Sha La La”

The title cards and this song open this episode, informing the audience that events being shown happened 24 hours ago. Elodie then gives a speech at her Shoplifters Anonymous meeting about the feeling of being proud after stealing.

Episode 10: Kat Cunning, “Birds”

Elodie actually joins Sabine on stage to sing a few lines from this song. The lyrics express feeling trapped by thoughts which Elodie has been with the guilt of her mother’s car accident.

Episode 10: Witch Prophet, “Weight of the World”

This song relates to the pressure Tabitha feels when Brady confronts her about stealing and drowning his car. She agrees to get back together with him to prevent him from reporting her, Elodie, and Moe to the police.

Episode 10: Ashnikko, “Nice Girl”

This song plays during Elodie and Moe’s first interactions with Brady in the series. Elodie tells Brady that she is the one who stole his car, and later Moe punches him.

Episode 10: Sharon Van Etten, “Seventeen”

This song closes out the season and is a reminder that Moe, Elodie, and Tabitha are only high school students which means they are still going to make mistakes (like Moe does in the finale!) and learn from them.
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