Trinkets' Sabine Is A Real Singer, Which Explains Why Her Songs Are So Good

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Warning: Mild spoilers for Trinkets are ahead.
Though it takes her awhile to arrive, Trinkets' singer-songwriter Sabine (Katrina Cunningham), finally does, in a moment that finds all eyes are on her. Elodie (Brianna Hildebrand) is immediately captivated by the singer, who seems similarly drawn to the Trinkets lead.
Like Elodie, viewers of the show will surely be impressed by Sabine’s voice and it turns out Sabine is technically a real singer, because Cunningham is a real singer. She goes by her stage name Kat Cunning and performs her own original tracks at Luca's club on the show, including "Birds" which you may have also heard outside of the new Netflix series (below).
But beyond Sabine's music, there's also the question of Sabine's age. Since she's only in only in four episodes of the first season, we don’t learn a lot about her. She is obviously older than Elodie, presumably mid-twenties since she dated Luka (Henry Zaga), and she is a musician. Shocking stats for a young woman in Portland, right?
Trinkets is a potentially a great way for the real Sabine to break out. She performs both “The King of Shadow” and “Birds” on the Netflix series and has an alternative, indie sound and her haunting lyrics address love and mental health. In “Birds,” she sings, “All of these words building a house in my head/ Tearin it down/ The wreckage/ Is keepin me up and i can’t come down.” If her voice sounds familiar, that may be because another one of her songs —“Eve” — was featured in an episode of Riverdale. She also debuted her first-ever music video here, on Refinery29, and performed at 29Rooms in 2017.
Cunning started both her singing and acting careers around four years ago, with her most recognized acting role being a six-episode stint on HBO series The Deuce. (Not bad!) Entering the world of teen drama might be the right next move and Cunning is beyond fitting for the character of Sabine, who is essentially a siren for Elodie, alluring and potentially the thing that tempts her into danger. Plus, she's got the dreamy songs to match.

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