13 Hairstyles Our Editors Can't Wait To Try In 2019

So what if you've already cheated on your New Year's resolutions, your formerly Marie Kondo-ed closet is a mess, and your Dry January intentions went down the drain last week when a waiter mentioned a special on a bottle of Merlot? There's one easy, painless fix to get you back on track feeling stoked about everything 2019 has to offer — and it's not joining the fancy gym by your office. We're talking about your new year, new cut, color, or style.

If you know you want a hair change, but are unsure what that looks like — glossy copper-colored highlights, a foray into bangs with a shaggy lob, or adding a new hair accessory to jazz up the cut you're already comfortable with — we've got inspiration for you. Ahead, our Refinery29 beauty editors are breaking down all the hair looks we're saving on Instagram and dying to try in 2019... some of which will hopefully speak to your aesthetic and jolt you right out of any mid-January rut.

"If anyone can convince me to cut my hair above my shoulders and trade my blowdryer and round brush for a salt spray that accentuates my natural waves, it's Elsa Hosk and her baby blonde bob — specifically in this stunning tie-dye silk Attico wrap dress (also on my 2019 mood board)." —Megan Decker, Beauty Assistant
"I've been obsessed with Baby Driver actress Eiza Gonzales since last year's Oscars red carpet, when she was still relatively unknown yet topped every best-dressed list in that iconic canary-yellow halter gown. I loved the long, shiny, Hollywood waves she wore back then, but I'm even more into this edgy, softly A-lined bob." —Decker
"Pink hair and a padded, pearl-lined headband — I only wish I could pull off this look as well as Margaret Zhang." —Decker
"My forever hair icon Olivia Palermo parts her glossy waves in this haphazard zig-zag style — a look that comes off like she's quite possibly the chicest person on the planet, who just happens to rolls out of bed brushing her fingers through my dream hair."—Decker
"For the last two years, I've been focusing on hair growth, which means I haven't had a proper cut in a long time (besides the occasional trim). But lately, I've been itching to make an appointment with Mona Baltazar, who creates some amazing shapes on natural hair. I'm particularly fond of this deep-parted Afro with extra height because it doesn't sacrifice too much length — I didn't do scalp massages once a month for two years straight for nothing." —Jessica Cruel, Deputy Beauty Director
"I'm not going back to a relaxer any time soon, but this part-mohawk, part-mullet cut right here has got me wondering if I could pull off a tapered style. I know that if I did try it, my whole life would change: I'd have to throw out all my faux fur coats and replace them with leather, give up my comfy sneakers for platform brogues, and send my favorite brown lip color to the trash. With this cut, I'd need to wear a red lip all day, every day." —Cruel
"Six: the hours it will take to fly to Los Angeles to see Johnny Ramirez in his L.A. salon. Nine: the hours it will take to lift my waist-length hair to this gorgeous warm blonde. Five: the months in advance I had to book my appointment. One: the minute it took to make the decision after seeing this photo." —Cat Quinn, Beauty Director
"I'm still debating if I'm the kind of bride that can pull off a bejeweled tiara, but this dreamy version from Jennifer Behr has me pretty fully convinced." —Quinn
Photo: Norbert PerrauINAGetty Images.
"Give me messy, uneven, perfectly disheveled Nouvelle Vague bangs!!!!" —Rachel Krause, Senior Beauty Writer
"It seems that my curly hair has a mind of its own, and the shorter hair at front is always inching forward to block my face. I’m tired of pushing it aside, so I'm tempted to just chop it off into bangs. With all the curly bangs inspiration recently (hey, Sandra Oh at the Critics’ Choice Awards), it doesn’t seem like a bad idea." —Thatiana Diaz, Beauty Writer
"I’ve been saying I’m going to get braids installed for, like, two years now, but this will be the year that I will actually do it. I’d love to do it for a summer vacation. Now all I have to do is actually book a trip, then find a stylist." —Diaz
"Although I owe my current obsession with Sex Education to Netflix, my infatuation with the actress who plays Maeve on the show, Emma Mackey, is almost entirely due to her hair IRL. After the show wrapped, Mackey ditched her fried, over-processed blonde hair and settled on this soft brunette with curtain bangs. Sure, I do love being a blonde, but the idea of throwing in the towel and giving my roots a break with this low-maintenance look is perhaps too enticing to resist." —Sam Sasso, Beauty Writer
"Some people constantly contemplate whether or not they should get bangs; I, on the other hand, often think about getting a pixie. Although the will-I-or-won't-I debate is likely to continue for years without anything ever coming to fruition, I expect to spend a good portion of 2019 asking myself that very question... over and over again." —Sasso
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