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35 Gifts To Get The Runner In Your Life

Every runner is different but in general, they tend to be very particular about their gear. Over their years spent pounding the pavement, they can become partial to a particular sock that doesn't cause blisters, or a certain sneaker model, or a favorite (actually supportive) sports bra, or the only fuel that won’t make their stomach upset during their half-marathon training.

So, trying to buy a gift for a runner who knows exactly what they need can feel like you're being set up for failure. But you shouldn’t let their hyper-specific needs dissuade you from gifting them something really great this year — because the truth is they probably want new running stuff, anyways.


If you're stumped, ahead are some gift ideas that will help you get inside the head of a runner. From sneakers to clothing, there's bound to be something that they love.

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Leggings aren't the only cold-weather running gear available, you know. These pants will keep your friend's legs warm, and come with tons of clever features: there are stirrups to ensure their ankles stay protected (and, let's face it, they look kind of cool), zips up the back of the legs to let your friend take off the pants without removing their sneakers (sometimes a quick change is necessary!), and a side-seam pocket that fits a phone.
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If you've ever heard your friend complain about how their earbuds slip out of their ears once they starts to sweat, consider gifting them these alternatives. They're designed specifically to stay put in smaller ears — plus they hold a charge for six hours (18 if you count the charging case), have touch control, and come with a year-long MapMyRun Premium Membership. They're sure to secure you the rep of being the most thoughtful friend ever.
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Running with a mask can be annoying, but it's also crucial and potentially life-saving. This mask will change your runner's life. It's designed with a polyurethane open-cell foam that'll let air in while still protecting others from your huffing and puffing. Plus, it stays fresh all run, no matter how hard you sweat.
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These cushioned sneaks will take your giftee from training runs to virtual half marathons. They have a wide midsole designed for performance, and are crafted to help reduce injuries such as twisted ankles.
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Another clutch mask option that will have your runner friend saying, "Oh — that's so cool." Why? Each three-pack comes with a handy little strap that you can use to pull the elastics off your ears if you tend to suffer from behind-the-ear soreness (a uniquely 2020 affliction).
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This shirt is magic. It's made with Merino wool, and as a result the top never gets stinky. It just... never smells. Go for your long run, and you can grab a cup of coffee, even a quick breakfast, without worrying about grossing out the people standing next to you. Plus it's the perfect weight for a fall run, or a base layer in the winter, and the neutral shades and shape work for any style of runner.
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Designed for runners, these cropped leggings feel weightless and don't have an inner thigh seam, so your runner friend won't have to worry about chafing (a godsend). Plus, they'll love the side pocket for keys or mid-run snacks.
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Speaking of snacks, these delicious bars are packed with 10g of protein, the perfect pre-, post-, or even mid-run fuel.
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One-of-a-kind coasters printed with an old race bib serve as a casual cocktail party conversation starter. "Yeah, I ran a marathon, NBD."
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The hood on this wind-resistant running jacket covers the ears, neck, and chin, so the runner in your life won't need to wear a hat when they decide to take a jog on a cool, or maybe rainy, day.
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As a runner, the number one thing I've been worried about heading into winter amid a pandemic is what I'll do when it's too cold to run outdoors. The gym feels risky, but it's also hard to justify the amount of floor space a treadmill takes up. Echelon has a sleek solution: a cardio machine with an auto-fold function. When it's folded up, it's takes up just 10 inches of floor space.
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This polka-dotted running skort has a built-in shorts liner to prevent chafing, and is cute enough to wear to post-run social distancing beers.
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These socks offer masterful compression that adds an extra layer of protection for any road runner you know who's suffered with foot injuries. They also "lock" the foot in place to help prevent blisters and other painful issues. They're anti-odor, too.
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Pro long-distance runner and Olympian Deena Kastor's memoir is full of inspiration whether you're a seasoned marathoner or you just started running.
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A fanny pack that won’t bounce like crazy during outdoor runs.
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For the price of a few massages (which unfortunately aren't so safe during COVID-19), this targeted massage tool is a must-have for tight or sore muscles.
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This sporty Garmin watch provides a GPS, weather reports, continuous heart rate monitoring, and smartphone notifications right from your wrist.
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A breathable top from a fashion brand that aims to bring functional options rooted in Kenyan spirit.
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Put their race bibs and medals on display — and out of that storage box in your closet — with this handy organizer.
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These elastic laces turn any sneaker into a slip-on shoe, which is clutch if you're training for a triathlon or just too lazy to tie your shoes.
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Super stretchy and sweat-wicking, these leggings have stellar reviews, and are ultra chic.
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Light-weight and perfect for runners who are focused on speedwork. (Or just need a comfy shoe to walk around in when your legs are sore post-long run.)
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You can give these toe socks to your friend who swears by their five-fingered shoes. Or any runner, since they prevent gnarly in-between-the-toes blisters. (Yes, they look weird, but trust me — they feel kinda great.)
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A word of caution: Many experienced runners will want to buy their own sports bra. However, newbies might not know where to start, and this one is great for high-impact activities and versatile enough to work for most chests. It has adjustable straps, ventilation, and won't let larger boobs bounce around.
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Hardcore runners love this app. Gift them a year-long Strava subscription that'll help them track their stats, do challenges, and mix up their training with routes from what's known as the "world's largest trail network."
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They’re up before the sun most days, so get them this clip-on strobe light for their shoe.
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Keep their ears toasty and hair secure with this slim beanie.
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If their running buddy has four legs and fur, they need this hands-free leash.
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Typically, people either love or hate foam rolling, but it's a smart thing to do to warm up and cool down, especially when they're training hard. Help your pal out with this classic TriggerPoint roller, which is foamy enough to feel gentle on their muscles, but firm enough to do the job right.
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We all know that person who runs in shorts all year round. These thoughtfully crafted, sustainable track shorts have a reflective strip that's key for early bird runners (or night owls, for that matter).
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A friend doesn't let a friend go outside without applying SPF, all year long. This one is water (and sweat) resistant and easy to apply.
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Runners who really sweat will appreciate this hydration vest, which allows you to carry two liters of water right on your back, and has zippered pockets for holding valuables (like snacks).
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A favorite among runners, this sports bra is supportive and comes in a wide-range of sizes.
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So many of my runner friends swear by these truly delicious honey stroopwafels. I'll probably be handing out the chocolate version this season. Great for fuel during a long run, or for an anytime snack.
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No, deodorant is not the sexiest gift. But it sure is useful. And this aluminum-free spray version is unique and smells incredible.
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