The Most Comfortable Sports Bras For Working Out, According To 18 Women

Photographed by Caroline Tompkins.
You have the right to be picky about the type of sports bra you wear, because sports bras — just like workouts — should be comfortable. The thing is, sports bras are definitely not one-size-fits all, nor are they 36-sizes-fit-all, because there are so many different factors that go into determining the right sports bra for you.
You might take into account the size and shape of your breasts, the type of workout that you do, the fabric that you find most comfortable, how frequently you want to wash it, the color, the price, the cut, the structure — you get the picture.
When you find the right sports bra for your needs, it can be a game-changer. So, we asked women in the Refinery29 community to share their all-time favorite sports bras, based on the type of workout they do and the kind of support they require. Not shockingly, pretty much every single person said they just want to be comfortable in their sports bra. From chafing to "uniboob," structure to strap size, ahead are 17 women's super-specific sports bra reviews.

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