7 Limited-Edition Beauty Products That Made A Sweet Comeback

Back in middle school, while rummaging through my aunt's makeup drawer, I found a lipstick that appeared to have been preserved for years. The allure was too intense for me to fight, but she hesitated when I asked if I could try it on. "It's limited edition," she told me. "So I'm saving it for special occasions."

My aunt, like many makeup lovers before her, had a delicate relationship with a tube of lipstick that could only end in heartbreak. She kept it for years, saving it for parties and events, in a vain attempt to prolong its life. Her relationship with that tube of red lipstick may seem dramatic to some, but for those of you who have found "the one" only to discover that it was assigned a limited production run is disappointing, to say the least. Luckily, not all stories end in tears.

We did a little digging and discovered that many formerly limited-edition items have been brought back to their brand's permanent lines thanks to consumer outcry. Sure, they may not be the lipstick my aunt adored, but it's a start. Ahead, check out seven limited-edition products that are available today, tomorrow, and every day after that.

YouTuber Kathleen Lights was one of the first to collaborate with ColourPop. Her collection is a minimalist's dream, complete with a range of neutral lipsticks and soft, shimmery eyeshadows. Luckily for all of us, the entire collection has been made permanent, so we can re-up whenever we please.

ColourPop Lippie Stix in Lumière, $5, available at ColourPop.
A brand known for listening to their customers, this isn't the last slide dedicated to ColourPop. To celebrate its first birthday, the brand released Birthday Girl, a limited-edition gold eyeshadow with silver and pink glitter. According to the brand, the demand for the shadow was so high that they brought it back in limited quantities again. Then, they finally broke down months later and brought the shade back permanently.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Birthday Girl, $5, available at ColourPop.
Perfect highlighters are hard to come by, so when Victoria Beckham found hers, she didn't let it go. In 2011, Estée Lauder launched a limited-edition rose gold highlighter called Modern Mercury. Beckham loved it so much that she brought it back when she teamed up with the brand in 2016. Now, a year later she's decided to bring it back yet again. Fingers crossed that after the product's third run Estée Lauder will finally make it a permanent item.

Estée Lauder Victoria Beckham Highlighter, $75, available at Estée Lauder.
Nars has a knack for creating iconic blush shades (lookin' at you Orgasm and Deep Throat). While most of the brand's most popular shades were brought out as permanent items, Hot Sand, a peach blush with Champagne shimmer, was initially released in limited run in 2014. Then, after rave reviews, the brand brought it back as a permanent item the following year.

NARS Hot Sand Highlighting Blush, $30, available at Sephora.
Longtime fans of Urban Decay may remember Gash, one of the brand's first lipsticks released the same year the brand was released (1996). A year ago, the deep red lipstick was brought back as part of the brand's Vice Vintage Lipstick limited-edition collection. Now, almost 20 years later, it's officially a permanent member of the Vice Lipstick family.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Gash, $17, available at Sephora.
After the success of Urban Decay's first celebrity collaboration with Gwen Stefani, the brand made a number of Stefani's shades permanent items, including Spiderweb, Wonderland, Phone Call, Plaid, 714, Ex-Girlfriend, and Rock Steady. Our favorite? This deep fuschia hue called Firebird.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Firebird, $17, available at Sephora.
Buzzy, limited-edition collections are MAC Cosmetics bread and butter. What other makeup brand can say they've worked with Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, and Mariah Carey?

While the brand doesn't bring back its limited-edition shades often, fans of last year's collaboration with fashion designer Chris Chang are in luck. After Chang created Gold XIXI, a sheer yellow lipstick, MAC introduced the shade to its permanent line. We love having the shade on hand to mix with other lipsticks to brighten or warm a hue.

MAC Lustre Lipstick in Gold XIXI, $17.50, available at MAC.
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