People Can't Get Over Zac Efron's "Freedom" Speedo

How do you steal the show from the so-called Sexiest Man Alive? Wear an American flag Speedo. Or you know, just be Zac Efron.

Efron continued his streak of stripping down on the big-screen by unveiling his teeny-weeny patriotic bottoms in the new trailer for his Baywatch remake with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The spot aired during the Super Bowl last night, and suddenly everyone forgot all about touchdowns.

It's almost like Lady Gaga and Tom Brady weren't even there.

Even Eggo got in on the action. The waffle brand couldn't resist flirting with Efron after the actor tweeted his praise for the Eggo-centric Stranger Things 2 trailer.

"Haha the throwback Eggo commerical was genius," he tweeted during the Super Bowl. "They're brilliant."

Eggo wasted no time in sending this sexy comeback.

To quote one commenter, "Is it getting hot in here or is it my Eggos toasting? #leggomyefro."

In case you missed it, you can feast your eyes on those American thighs in the trailer below.

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