Super Realistic Baywatch Has Zac Efron & The Rock Hauling Refrigerators

We marveled at the teaser trailer. We applauded the "Bae Watch" sweater. We were mostly disappointed by Zac Efron's nine carb-free days (c'mon Efron, can't we get past the "cheat day" concept already?). And now a new trailer is here to impress us with Efron and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's feats of strength as they hurtle down the beach — carrying refrigerators. Because, fitness. Or something. What, your high school lifeguarding gig didn't involve trial by kitchen appliance? Well, that's probably because you were paddling around in Long Island Sound. Baywatch is the beachfront big leagues, folks — where realism is obviously key. The movie's self-mockery is clearly its strong suit. At one point in the trailer, Efron's character complains, "I thought we were lifeguards. Everything that you guys are talking about sounds like a really entertaining, but far-fetched TV show." Well-played, Paramount. "Why does she always look like she's running in slow-mo?" Alexandra Daddario asks her fellow lifeguard in a later clip. "You see it too?" Jon Bass replies incredulously. We don't know either, guys. It's just one of those eternal Baywatch mysteries. Check out the full trailer, below.

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