Zac Efron’s “Cheat Day” Is Pretty Tricked-Out

On the off-chance you haven't been closely following Zac Efron's fitness prep on the set of Baywatch, here's a little taste.
So, yeah. Those sculpted abs call for some intense physical training, plus a protein-packed meal plan to help fuel the workouts. Yesterday Efron revealed what he's been eating to his Twitter followers. "[I've had] 9 days of absolutely zero carbs and sugar," he shared. "Only organic grass-fed/free-range protein and organic leafy greens." The actor added that this meal plan lead to taking full advantage of the one day when he could eat whatever he wanted.
The latest member of the clean-plate club enjoyed a steak, four helpings of potatoes and vegetables, some macaroni and cheese, three desserts, and a brick of cheese with caviar. No shame in that game (and no shame in any way you choose to eat, to be honest). Unfortunately, he failed to elaborate on what desserts he enjoyed, or share a photo of the afore-mentioned brick of cheese. Was it Velveeta? Brie? Stinking Bishop? We need to know.

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